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Get the Tools and Books Trusted by BibleProject

Two people studying using Logos on a desktop computer. It looks like they're doing a word study, using an interactive, and using a guide.

Jumpstart your biblical studies with a tool used by the BibleProject team. Get Logos Bible software and a collection of digital resources hand-picked by the BibleProject team:

  • Eight Bibles, including the ESV, NIV, NLT, and the original Greek and Hebrew

  • Four dictionaries on theological terms and biblical words and concepts

  • Eight reverse interlinears to help you understand the meaning of Greek and Hebrew

  • Plus the New Bible Commentary, a commentary on the whole Bible edited by D.A. Carson

And you can choose to add the entire Tyndale Commentary Series (66 vols.), valued at $599, for only $150 more!

Pick the Option That's Right for You

BibleProject Classroom Starter Bundle
BibleProject Classroom Starter Bundle

Featured Resources

  • New Bible Commentary

  • Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary

  • ESV Reverse Interlinears (Hebrew & Greek)

  • Theological Dictionary of the New Testament

  • Dictionary of Biblical Imagery

  • The Greek New Testament (SBL Edition)

  • Lexham Hebrew Bible with Morphology

  • Lexham Theological Wordbook

Value: Over $500


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