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Get Your Family into God’s Word

Grow together in the Word with Christian Family base packages—where every member of your family gets their own personal copy of Logos.

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Create your family group.

Step 2: Purchase the best option (below) for your family.

  • Choose from five different packages.
  • Each package comes with six individual copies, so everyone in your family can have their own personal copy and lay the foundation for a lifetime of deep Bible study.

Step 3: Select your family group at checkout.

  • After you click “Add to cart” below, confirm or find your family group.
  • If you need help, please contact us at sales@faithlife.com.

Step 4: Add your family members to your group and assign their licenses.

  • If your family members haven’t already been added to your group, invite or add them by following these instructions.
  • Once they’re in your group, navigate to Admin › Settings › Licenses and assign a license to each member.
Logos Bible Software Christian Family Level 1

Christian Family Package: Level 1


(Includes 6 licenses)

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Logos Bible Software Christian Family Level 2

Christian Family Package: Level 2


(Includes 6 licenses)

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Logos Bible Software Christian Family Level 3

Christian Family Package: Level 3


(Includes 6 licenses)

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Logos Bible Software Christian Family Level 4

Christian Family Package: Level 4


(Includes 6 licenses)

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Logos Bible Software Christian Family Level 5

Christian Family Package: Level 5


(Includes 6 licenses)

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My family is larger than six people. Can I purchase more licenses?

Yes! Please contact customer service, and they will help you process an order for additional licenses.

I own several resources in this package. Do I qualify for dynamic pricing?

Unfortunately, because of how this product is set up, the Christian Family library does not qualify for dynamic pricing.

I am not currently part of a family group on faithlife.com. How do I set one up?

No worries! When you purchase this product, we walk you through that process with easy step-by-step instructions that get you and your family set up in no time.

How should I manage my child’s account?

In compliance with COPPA, children under 13 years of age may not own and manage Faithlife accounts. You may set up accounts for children under 13 years of age solely for the purpose of accessing their libraries in Logos Bible Software, but you must stay the owner and manager of those accounts and may not share the password with them or transfer ownership of the account to them until they are 13 years of age or older.

I have purchased one of the lower levels for me and my family, but I have decided to upgrade to a higher level. Can I do that?

You won’t be able to on the website, but our customer service representatives are happy to help you upgrade to a higher Christian Family level.

Can I purchase a higher level of the Christian Family library for me and a lower level for the rest of my family?

Unfortunately, there is no way to mix and match libraries with this purchase. You can only purchase the same level for all members in your family group. (However, you can opt to purchase a higher level for your family at a later date.)

I already have a Logos account and have made several purchases. Will purchasing this remove those other resources from my account?

No! Purchasing this item for you and your family will only add resources to your account (and to your families’ accounts), not remove items.