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Tim Challies’ Recommended Commentaries

A lineup of resource collections that are recommended by Tim Challies

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Challies Recommends: Best New Testament Commentaries (20 vols.)

Upgrade your library of New Testament commentaries with this hand-picked selection of premiere Evangelical and scholarly works as recommended by Tim Challies. Covering the whole New Testament, this collection represents some of the best NT scholarship across key sets including New International Commentary on the New Testament (NICNT), Pillar, New American Commentaries (NAC), International Critical Commentaries (ICC) and New International Greek Testament Commentaries (NIGTC). These commentaries give verse-by-verse explanations of the text as well as information on background, authorship, date, purpose, structure and theology. Most of the volumes will engage with the Greek text at some level whilst remaining accessible to the informed lay reader, and detailed enough for pastors and students. With this collection, you will be engaging with key Evangelical authors including Gordon Fee, F.F. Bruce, Douglas Moo and I. Howard Marshall.

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