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Get more from your book budget with Book Cache.

Use Book Cache to get the most out of your book budget, avoid administrative fees forever, regulate spending, and be ready when your favorite books or collections arrive on Pre-Pub.

Pre-Pub advantages

Get the best of both worlds: Pre-Pub savings with payment-plan convenience.

Stay on budget

Already spend a lot of money on Logos.com? Book Cache helps you set and maintain a regular budget.

Risk-free payments

Credit purchased through the Logos Book Cache program will never depreciate or expire.

More about Book Cache

Start accumulating Logos credit today so that when your favorite titles hit Pre-Pub, or go on sale, you’ll be ready. No need to choose products now (like with a layaway program).

You can redeem Logos credit purchased through the Book Cache program to buy any resources or collections you find on Logos.com.

Your Book Cache subscription will last until you’d like for it to stop. You can change your subscription on your Logos.com profile.

If you don’t have enough credit to cover the complete purchase of an item, you can use a credit card to make up the difference.

To use Book Cache credit before charging your credit card on Pre-Pub and Community Pricing products, just check the box on the credit section of your account page.

Start Building your balance now!