Craig Evans: Connecting the Word to the Ancient World

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Darrell Bock

The biblical writers were profoundly shaped by the world in which they lived. And that means biblical archaeology and historical context are essential tools for truly grasping their message. Simply put, if you don’t understand their world, you won't understand their words.

That’s why Dr. Craig Evans’ work has had such a profound impact on modern Bible interpretation. The author of more than 70 books and 600 journal articles, Evan’s scholarship covers a breathtaking span of topics, all of which illuminate the biblical world and shed light on Scripture’s meaning.

His knack for helping ordinary people understand the extraordinary importance of biblical archaeology has made him a go-to expert for outlets like Fox News and the Discovery Channel. He even served as host for the Faithlife original documentary Fragments of Truth, a globetrotting adventure that reveals the reliability of the New Testament.

This month, save 25% on some of his most important works, including commentaries, courses, dictionaries, and other resources that will free you from a twenty-first-century mindset and enable you to understand the biblical writers’ words as they originally intended.

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