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Empowering Theological Scholarship from בְּרֵאשִׁית to ἀμήν

Logos is a digital research platform for biblical scholars and students in higher education who want to excel in the digital age.

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A laptop running Logos Bible Software, with panels open that contain a Bible, a two types of Word Studies, an atlas, and more.

Why the Most Trusted Scholars Trust Logos

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The latest scholarship, in your pocket

Logos helps you stay current. We carry the latest scholarly journals, lexicons, and critical texts. And it’s all available on any device.

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Original data to fuel
your research

Our team of biblical experts and scholars perform original research, giving you access to data and cutting-edge resources not available anywhere else.

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Love at
first cite

Copy a quote from a Logos book, paste it into a document, and a footnote is added automatically—in your preferred citation style.

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A proven
track record

We’re still going strong after decades of serving the church and the academy. With over 500,000 monthly active users, Logos is a sure investment.


Harder to Decline than Οὖς

You don’t want to pass up our savings program for students and scholars. It takes less than a minute to apply, and with it you’ll save 30% on Logos packages.

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Packages Designed for Scholars & Students

Every Logos package is powerful, but this special line is designed with academics in mind. It’s packed with original-language resources, the standard works of advanced scholarship, and time-saving research tools you’ll love.

Logos 10 Academic Essentials

Logos 10 Academic Essentials

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Logos 10 Academic Standard

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Logos 10 Academic Premium

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Logos 10 Academic Professional

Logos 10 Academic Professional

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A Book Is Just a Book. Unless It’s in Logos

Logos.com carries over 100,000 resources and growing, ensuring you can access the right resource for the task at any time, on any device.

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Get a premium, scholarly resource every month by authors like Craig Blomberg, Thomas Schreiner, and John Frame. No strings attached.

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Equip Your Students for a Lifetime of Ministry with an Institutional Partnership

When your institution partners with Logos, you’ll equip your entire student body and faculty with Logos Bible Software, the standard tool for scholarship and ministry. They’ll have Logos for the rest of their lives, making this a long-term investment in the future of the church.

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An Academic Tour of Logos

Discover the tools and resources that make Logos the standard for biblical and theological scholarship.


Automatic Citations


Bible Word Study Guide


Biblical Theologies Passage Index


Clause Search


Exegetical Guide


Lemma in Passage


Important Words


Important Passages


Personal Books


Reader's Edition Interlinear


Syntax Search


Systematic Theologies Passage Index


Textual Variants


Theology Guide


Greek Grammatical Constructions


Lexham SGNT Syntactic Force


Semantic Roles


Case Frames


Sentence Types of the OT and NT


The Lexham Discourse Greek NT and Hebrew Grammar Datasets

The Logos Academic Blog:
Articles by Scholars, for Scholars

An image of a large library with many people studying, seen from the view of a high-up balcony

How to Get an Advanced Bible Degree for Free

Here’s the question that drives the rest of this post: could someone replicate my graduate degree through these sources? Could such a thing be done? A little bit of time, and whole lot of caffeine answered that question.

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An image of the spine of several books on the Septuagint

The Origin of the LXX

The best way to begin an essay on the Septuagint is with the statement that “there is really no such thing as the Septuagint.” . . . Certainly, the study of the Septuagint, or LXX, is a complex and multi-disciplinary enterprise that requires definition before...

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An image of a commentary volume on the book of Revelation lying on a white table next to a cup of coffee and a succulent houseplant.

How to Write a Commentary on Revelation

I was contracted to write the Tyndale commentary on the Book of Revelation published by IVP as part of their rapid revision of the whole Old and New Testament series, which had been delayed by the production of a previous...

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