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Nov 28
Thanksgiving Day
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Honor God. Love others.

Our mission at Logos is to honor God and love others. We do this through a set of core values we refer to as “HOAGIES”: Honesty, Openness, Awesomeness, Growth, Initiative, Elegance,
and Shipping.


We value the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable. Speaking the truth shows love and respect, and listening to the truth shows wisdom.


There is no mystery at Logos. Customers and employees (anyone!) can ask any question without reproach. (Though the answer might be “I won’t tell you.”) There is no drama at Logos. Logos is a safe place to express feelings. We address things openly and professionally.


Good is boring, quality is the standard, and professionalism is expected. Awesome is a delightful surprise. Our products should have features that cause users to laugh in delight when they find them. Interactions with our company should involve occasional pleasant surprises.


We are here to grow. We grow the company to serve more customers, have a bigger impact, make more money, cover increasing costs, and create more opportunities for our employees. We grow ourselves to better provide for our families, equip ourselves to serve others, and participate in the company’s growth. Growing is a job requirement at Logos.


Do what needs to be done. Don’t wait to be told. Ideas are welcome; mistakes are learning experiences. You can’t go wrong if it’s for the customer and in keeping with our values. People who step up move up.


We don’t ship ugly stuff. Elegance does not equal fanciness. Elegance is: …’unusually effective and simple.’ …a consistent look. …an uncluttered lobby. …a thoughtful gesture. …a tool that ‘just works.’ …everything you need and nothing more.


We get stuff out the door. It doesn’t matter how great something is if no one is using it.