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    The free Logos Android app gives you the very best in mobile Bible study, putting powerful books and tools in the palm of your hand. It syncs across all your platforms, allowing you to pick up right where you left off on any other Web-enabled device. Download the free Logos Bible app today to experience fuller, richer Bible study wherever you go.

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    The Logos Android app makes mobile Bible study better. See how!

    • Notes
    • Highlighting
    • Languages
    • Split screen
    • Search
    • Bible Word Study
    • Passage Guide
    • Text Comparison
    • Custom Settings
    • Quick jump
    • Favorites
    • Reading plans
    • Library

    *Some features require an internet connection. Learn more.


      Attach your thoughts and comments to a verse, book, or external resource for future reference.


      Two-finger scrolling makes highlighting and selecting text a breeze. Plus, you can mark the text however you want, with more than 80 colors and symbols to choose from.


      Access Scripture’s original Greek and Hebrew words: simply tap and hold on any word in the Bible, and the lemma and morphology for that term will instantly appear.


      Read Scripture side by side with resources, the Passage Guide, notes, and reading plans. The split-screen panels scroll in sync, so you’re always in the right place.

    • Run a quick Bible search through the menu by long-pressing a word or by swiping up when a Bible is open. Logos saves your searches for future reference.


      Discover the real meaning behind each word in the Bible—Bible Word Study links the text to dictionaries, cross-references, and lexicons, and lists translations of the original Greek and Hebrew words.


      Enter a verse in the Passage Guide to get a detailed list of relevant commentaries, cross-references, literary typing, and media resources.


      Pull up any verse and compare it across five Bible translations. Text Comparison visually indicates the variations between versions and provides the percentage of difference between translations.


      Control how the text appears. The Logos Android app supports the fonts from your desktop and features larger icons and low-light backgrounds. Increase or decrease font sizes, use red letters (or not), and more.


      Easily access the verse you need—simply tap Scripture references to see the Bible text in your preferred translation.


      Create new favorites lists and view the ones saved on your desktop—your favorites sync across all platforms.


      Stay on track wherever you go. Set up a reading plan for one or more books in Logos, and the Logos app will remind you what to read.


      Get over 70 free resources; plus, many titles from your Logos 5 library are just a click away.

    Download the free Logos android app today!

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