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Design That Puts Scripture Where It Belongs—the Center

Logos 10 showing Proverbs 2:4

Modern Design

Handy Tools, Always at Hand

Keep your study tools close, and Scripture even closer, with a redesigned vertical toolbar to help you focus on the Word.

Logos 10 new iPad UI
Logos 10 Horizontal Scripture Screen Shot on mobile
Scripture Screen shot vertical with tool bars


Hours of Work in Seconds Flat

See information across your built-in biblical research library in a seamless and immersive Bible study experience. Access commentaries, quick summaries of exegetical helps, parallel passages—all customized and faster than ever.

Screen Shot of Logos Guide

Auto Translation

Translate Any Book in an






Translate a section of text in a few clicks. Works for over a hundred modern languages, plus Latin and biblical Hebrew.

Logos Editions

There Are Books, and Then There Are Logos Editions

Books aren’t just included in Logos, they’re fused into the platform itself. Logos retrieves information like topics and theological ideas from your digital library and delivers them straight to you—so you never waste time flipping through pages.

Logos Editions graphic

Curated Libraries

Built-in Library, Built-in Savings

Each package comes with a theological library including new books by respected scholars, carefully curated to work with the Bible study tools in Logos.

Christ Centered Exposition Book
The Essential Lexham Dictionary of Church History Book
Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament Book
The Preacher's Commentary Old and New Testaments
A curated Logos library saves you around 90%
compared to purchasing in print.

Logos 10 Is Lightning Fast Including Support for .NET 6 and Apple Silicon

Experience more speed than ever before. Logos 10 is faster for everyone on any device.

Dynamic Pricing

Start Small Now, Go Big Later

If you already own books included in a Logos 10 library, you’ll get a reduced price.

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Screen Shot of Logos
Screen Shot of Logos

Experience Biblical Truth, Every Day

Pick the Logos package that fits your life.

Logos Silver Logos Gold Logos Platinum

Search Reimagined

Find Anything, Instantly

Search a phrase and see relevant results at lightning speed. Access journal articles, Bible translations, and sermons in a click.

Logos 10 Search Reimagined


Faster Results With


Autocomplete is better than ever, with smarter suggestions and prioritized results.

Questions & Answers

Better Answers to Biblical Questions

Type a question into the Logos Search tool to find answers from your library.

Logos Search Sytnax screen shot

Print Library Catalog

Search Your Print Books, Digitally

Catalog your print library by simply scanning the ISBN with the Logos mobile app. Then, search in Logos to discover results from your print resources* right alongside your digital library.

*Print resources must be currently available as a Logos edition. No additional purchase necessary.

Screen Shot of Logos
Screen Shot of Logos
Screen Shot of Logos
Blue Shapes

Premiere Event

Get an Up-Close Look at the Latest Additions to Logos

Still wondering how Logos features can help you? Watch this replay of the live event with host Mark Ward.


If I were to describe Logos 10, it would be, ‘Bible study faster and deeper.’

—Tim H.

Things have really changed in Logos 10: there is so much more of the greatness of the Logos desktop app available on the iPad.

—Thomas V.

Logos 10 is faster, sleeker, and packed with even more powerful tools.

—Richard W.

Add to Print Library may be the best new feature in years.

—Justin G.

The speed is the best thing about Logos 10. Everything is fast and snappy.

—Daniel N.


Pop-ups to Help You Drill Down

Logos Edition books now have tens of millions of tags that connect to Logos tools, so you can go deeper on any topic.

Logos Factbook screen shot

Church History

Bring Church History into Focus

Understand the church in its historical context with new and enhanced Factbook entries on pivotal people, places, and events through the ages.

Logos Search Sytnax screen shot

Bible Word Study

Accelerate Your Word Studies

Quickly access definitions, translations, grammatical relationships, and other key information on any Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic biblical word.

Logos Editions graphic


66 Books, Endless Connections

See how biblical authors allude to, cite, echo, or quote other books of the Bible.

Logos 10 Biblical Intertextuality screen shot

Awe-Inspiring Insights and Cutting-Edge Tools That Aren't Available Anywhere Else

Advanced Timeline

Grasp Biblical Chronology in No Time

We’ve added new navigation options to our popular Timeline tool, helping you situate biblical events in historical context. Quickly find what you need with new filters.

Advanced Timeline

Grasp Biblical Chronology in No Time

We’ve added new navigation options to our popular Timeline tool, helping you situate biblical events in historical context. Quickly find what you need with new filters.

Logos 10 Biblical Intertextuality screen shot

Sermon Import

All Your Sermons, All in One Spot

Transfer all your sermon outlines and manuscripts from Microsoft Word directly into Logos so you can find your past work quickly.

Screen Shot of Logos Sermon Import

Bring the Power of Logos Everywhere You Go

See multiple resources at once. Simultaneously use up to six books and tools on a single screen with Layouts on tablet.

Mark up & outline passages on iPad. Create visuals of outlines, markups, diagrams, and information cards with Canvas for iPad.

Turn your books into audiobooks. Tap the audio button on the Logos mobile app to start listening to nearly any Logos resource.

Draw on screen for iPad. Write on the screen and save your scribbles as an image to photos or in a new note.

Get the details on selected text. Tap a word or passage to highlight, leave a note, open Bible Word Study, or dig deeper in Factbook.

Manage sermons with your iPad. Plan, organize, and track your sermons on the go with Sermon Manager for iPad.

Screen shot of iPad showing multiple resources at once
Screen shot of Logos 10 layout modes for tablet
Screen shot of mobile phone showing how to turn your books into audiobooks
Screen shot of iPad showing drawing on the screen
Screen shot of mobile phone showing getting details for selected text
Screen shot of iPad showing managing sermons

Bibliography Tools

Cite Your Sources Automatically

Paste a quote from a Logos resource in a document and your source will be automatically cited. Plus, build your bibliography in Logos, export, and you’re done.

Screen shot of Logos 10 annotation Screen shot of Logos 10 with annotations and highlights Screen shot of Logos 10 with copy toolbar