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Lexicon Reformatting Dataset

Format: Digital
, 2015


Easily read dense lexicon entries

Lexicon articles are notoriously difficult to read—filled with jargon, abbreviations, and odd formatting. We’ve created the Lexicon Reformatting Dataset to make top lexicons more user-friendly, providing the information you need, fast. Our team has tagged every entry in major lexicons—like BDAG, BDB, and HALOT—restructuring them into easy-to-read outlines. Just select the “outline formatting” option in the visual filters menu and Logos 6 consults this dataset and realigns the text. Lemma forms are justified and the nuances of meanings are indented, letting you search for a lemma then quickly scan the gloss options.

Discover more ways Logos 6 delivers insight for your Bible study with the New Testament Propositional Bible Outlines Dataset.

  • Identifies lemmas, English glosses, and other information from tens of thousands of lexicon articles
  • Enables the “outline formatting” visual filter to realign difficult-to-read lexicon articles
  • Makes finding the information you need easier than ever
  • Title: Lexicon Reformatting Dataset
  • Contributors: Chris Culy, Jeff Jackson, and Alan Palmer
  • Articles: 30,000+
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • Resource Type: Datasets
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