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Robert N. Wilkin and Zane C. Hodges Collection (5 vols.)


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How can individuals be sure of their salvation? What does Christ say about it—and what does the Bible say?

The Robert N. Wilkin and Zane C. Hodges Collection (5 vols.) features important works from the Grace Evangelical Society which address the important issues of salvation and faith which believers face everyday. From confronting doubt, to obtaining an assurance of Christ’s work, to exploring the effect of salvation on daily Christian living, Wilkin and Hodges walk readers through compelling stories and difficult biblical texts.

In addition to three volumes on faith and salvation, the Robert N. Wilkin and Zane C. Hodges Collection also includes detailed commentaries on the epistle of James and the epistles of John. Throughout the entire collection, Scripture passages are directly linked to your favorite English translations, making these volumes indispensible for both personal and group study and reflection.

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Key Features

  • Topical and subject indexes
  • Study and reflection questions
  • Appendices, bibliographies, and extensive footnotes for further reading and research
  • Complete commentary on the epistles of John and James

Individual Titles

Confident in Christ: Living by Faith Really Works

  • Author: Robert N. Wilkin
  • Publisher: Grace Evangelical Society
  • Publication Date: 1999
  • Pages: 287

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The Christian life begins and ends with faith. No on can become a Christian or please God in daily life except by faith. Unfortunately, some pastors and teachers have redefined faith to include works. In this book we will examine sixteen “rough texts” from the New Testament through which we can better understand our true destination—the Christ-centered life.

Confident in Christ is a masterful treatment of the Gospel that leaves no stone unturned in bringing clarity to passages that are often misconstrued. In his careful treatment of the Word of God, Dr. Bob Wilkin has provided a treasury of answers to the difficult passages regarding the Gospel. This may be one of the most important books you have ever read about the Bible. I passionately recommend it.

—Earl D. Radmacher, Th.D. President Emeritus, Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon

In a time when widespread confusion exists concerning the Gospel, Confident in Christ is a refreshing, non-strident breeze. Wilkin does a superb job of championing free grace.

—George E. Meisinger, D.Min., Dean, Chafer Theological Seminary, Huntington Beach, California

A grand slam for grace! Luther and Calvin would give this book two thumbs up. Bob’s style is engaging and persuasive. He has done a great service for the local church.

—Robert Vacendak, Senior Pastor, Ridge Pointe Fellowship, Dallas, Texas

The Road to Reward: Living Today in the Light of Tomorrow

  • Author: Robert N. Wilkin
  • Publisher: Grace Evangelical Society
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Pages: 200

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Just like the Olympics motivates athletes to train harder, jump higher, and swim faster for the ultimate reward on earth, so too should our heavenly rewards motivate us to live better, love more deeply, and share faith more frequently. With clarity and brevity, Robert N. Wilkin reminds us of the importance of living today in light of tomorrow in The Road to Reward.

There is no doctrine that the Lord Jesus and His apostles used more frequently and powerfully to motivate believers to endure in good works, than the potential reward in his coming reign in the climax of earth’s history. And there is no one more capable of handling the subject with clarity and faithfulness to the Scripture than Robert Wilkin. All believers will profit significantly from The Road to Reward.

—Earl D. Radmacher, Th.D. President Emeritus, Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon

Bob has treated the church to a biblical, comprehensive, and masterful discussion of rewards. This book should place this neglected subject back on the front burners of theology and the Christian life where it belongs.

—Charlie Bing, Executive Director, GraceLife Ministries

Secure and Sure: Grasping the Promises of God

  • Author: Robert N. Wilkin
  • Publisher: Grace Evangelical Society
  • Publication Date: 2005
  • Pages: 252

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Do you know with certainty that you are eternally secure? Are you sure that you will spend eternity in the kingdom of God no matter you might do or fail to do in the future? Is fear of hell a thing of the past for you?

This book is directed toward those who are sure that they are eternally secure and toward those who are not. The former group will benefit by learning how to avoid losing assurance, how to answer objections, and how to disciple others on this key point. The latter group will profit by gaining the most important possession of all: certainty of their eternal destiny. Then once they gain that wonderful knowledge, they too can learn how to share this message with others.

As Bob nimbly moves from one question to the next, his experience in evangelism and exposition of Scripture shows in his treatment of one passage after another. As a reader, I was intrigued with his clear and forthright treatments. For those struggling with uncertainty of salvation, this book is strongly recommended.

—Elliott Johnson, Senior Professor of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary

The professing Christian Church is deeply confused about assurance. Dr. Wilkin brings biblical theology to bear on this subject, expressed in a clear and simple style. The result is a profoundly comforting book.

—Zane Hodges, President, Kerugma, Inc.

It is with much enthusiasm that I endorse this outstanding book on assurance. I have always applauded the ministry of Grace Evangelical Society for their heartbeat—presenting a clear presentation of the Gospel. The redemption of that book place at Calvary when believed gives us that precious assurance of heaven.

—Art Rorheim, co-founder, president emeritus, AWANA Clubs International

With a simple style and an engaging argument, this long-awaited book, Secure and Sure, clarifies the issues of eternal life and assurance. This book is biblically rooted and balanced while encouraging the reader to examine the Word of God themselves.

—Stephen R. Lewis, President, Rocky Mountain Bible College & Seminary

Dr. Bob Wilkin has done it again. If you are looking for biblical answers to the vital question of assurance, this book is an answer to your prayers.

—George E. Meisinger, President, Chafer Theological Seminary

The Epistle of James: Proven Character through Testing

  • Author: Zane C. Hodges
  • Publisher: Grace Evangelical Society
  • Publication Date: 1994, 2004
  • Pages: 128

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

The epistle of James is a beautifully constructed Christian letter written by an author with a pastor’s heart. The writer is a skilled communicator. His style is both terse and graphic, employing a wide range of effective illustrations, making it easy to believe that he also taught God’s truth orally with considerable power.

An indispensible element of the New Testament canon, the letter’s profound substance renders invalid Luther’s initial evaluation of the work as a “right strawy epistle.” The book of James is the voice of a great Christian leader whose grasp of the spiritual life and of human nature is equal to any in the canon of New Testament Scripture. The modern Church ignores James’s immensely practical admonitions at its own peril.

In every way the epistle of James justifies the church’s historic, collective judgment that it belongs among the writings which are given by inspiration of God. Hodges’ commentary affirms the position of James in the New Testament canon and its usefulness for the church today.

I own many commentaries on James, but none of them captures the meaning of James so clearly and simply as this one. I recommend it above all others.

—Earl D. Radmacher, Th.D. President Emeritus, Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon

Finally a commentary on James which challenges Christians to put their faith to work rather than working to prove their faith.

—Ed Underwood, pastor, North Umpqua Bible Fellowship, Glide, Oregon

Read this book only if you are prepared to be challenged by a clear and convincing presentation of such topics as the tongue, anger, affluence, and a lifestyle that will be rewarded.

—Art Farstad, Executive Director, New King James Version, Dallas, Texas

The Epistles of John: Walking in the Light of God's Love

  • Author: Zane C. Hodges
  • Publisher: Grace Evangelical Society
  • Publication Date: 1999
  • Pages: 312

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

There are other New Testament letters which are much longer and seemingly more important than the Epistles of John. Yet these three small letters are verse for verse some of the most profound writings in the entire Bible. While the vocabulary in these letters is simple, the thoughts are profound.

These three epistles have long been at the center of the Gospel debate. Entire books on assurance have been written based on an extremely unfortunate misunderstanding of First John. Such books undermine assurance by wrongly pointing readers to their works, rather than Christ, for assurance.

In this remarkable commentary the reader will find both solid exegesis and practical application. This is a commentary that is sure to equip and encourage believers until Christ returns.

Inside this book you will find:

  • Outstanding verse-by-verse exposition of 1–3 John
  • A clear defense of the Gospel of grace
  • A thorough explanation of the ground of assurance being God’s infallible promises, not our fallible works
  • Engaging calls to personal holiness
  • Warnings about false teachers and false teachings
  • Helpful insights into the judgment seat of Christ and how to prepare for it
  • Exciting teaching on the crucial role of prayer in overcoming your sinful inclinations
  • Exhortations to support those who accurately proclaim God’s truth

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  • Title: Robert N. Wilkin and Zane C. Hodges Collection
  • Authors: Robert N. Wilkin and Zane C. Hodges
  • Publisher: Grace Evangelical Society
  • Volumes: 5
  • Pages: 1,179
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About the Authors

Robert N. Wilkin (Ph. D., Dallas Theological Seminary) is the Founder and Executive Director of Grace Evangelical Society. His prior works include Confident in Christ, The Road to Reward, and You Can Be Sure! He and his wife, Sharon, live in Lewisville, Texas.

Zane C. Hodges is founder and president of Kerugma, Inc. He was formerly the chairman of the New Testament department at Dallas Theological Seminary where he taught for twenty-seven years. He holds degrees from Wheaton College and Dallas Theological Seminary. He has over forty years experience as a pastor and has authored many outstanding books and articles.


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  1. Mark Spencer

    Mark Spencer


    Grace saves us, keeps us and brings us home. A sound and fair treatment of the biblical text in light of context (instead of agenda, rhetoric or theology) has a tendency to set people free and grow appreciation of God's free gift of eternal life.

  2. Dispensational Truth
  3. Phil Niebergall
  4. Justin Cofer

    Justin Cofer


  5. Kevin D. Kenney

    Kevin D. Kenney


    I have read and used this commentary thoroughly and must say that it is not a light commentary at all. Hang on tight because Zane will really put you through some serious mental challenges in translation and spiritual-doctrinal considerations. It's worth every cent. But it's not for fast-food mentality students.

  6. J. Walter Millet


Collection value: $30.95
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