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Introduction to Virgil’s Aeneid (6 vols.)

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Experience Rome’s greatest poet through the elegance of Virgil’s original Latin with the Noet Introduction to Virgil. This collection is perfect for both students and enthusiasts interested in reading Virgil for the first time. In addition to the Loeb Classical Library editions of Virgil’s three major works and the Appendix Virgiliana, this collection includes Susan C. Shelmerdine’s Introduction to Latin—a comprehensive introduction to reading Latin designed to kick-start comprehension of the text through frequent readings of actual classical Latin writings. Lastly, Edward Ross Wharton’s Etyma Latina provides a vocabulary foundation in 3,055 words from which most all other classical Latin words are built.

Perhaps Rome’s greatest poet, Virgil composed three major works of Latin literature: Ecloguese, Georgics, and the Aeneid. His work is some of the most structurally complex and flawlessly executed poetry produced in any language at any time. For centuries, the Aeneid and his other major works have been perennially standard curriculum in Western education. This capstone of literary accomplishment is now more accessible than ever.

Resource Experts
  • Equips classical enthusiasts to read Virgil in the original Latin
  • Provides a contemporary Latin language textbook and basic lexicon designed for reading classical Latin
  • Includes Virgil’s Ecloguese, Georgics, Appendix Vergiliana, and the Aeneid in the Loeb Classical Library editions

The Introduction Series equips beginners to engage the likes of Plato, Homer, and Virgil in the original Greek and Latin. Each collection contains authoritative editions of the original language manuscript with an English translation, and a contemporary Greek/Latin language textbook as well as a basic lexicon, selected to fit the text at hand. It has never been easier for lovers of the classics to study these texts in their original language. Start using Logos, and discover the classics with the eyes of an expert.

  • Title: Introduction to Virgil’s Aeneid
  • Volumes: 6
  • Pages: 1,720
  • Resource Type: Literature
  • Topic: Classical Latin/Roman Literature
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Publius Vergilius Maro or Virgil (70–19 BC) was born, according to tradition, in Andes, Gaul. He was educated at schools in Cremona, Mediolanum, Rome, and Naples. Virgil died after visiting Greece to revise the Aeneid. Though Virgil wished to have the poem burned, Augustus ordered that it be printed after his death.


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    Collection value: $71.44
    Save $1.45 (2%)