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Mobile Ed: Between the Testaments Bundle (2 courses)

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The Judaism of Jesus and Paul looked drastically different than the Judaism of Malachi at the close of the Old Testament. Over the 400 years known as the intertestamental period, political power shifted from Persia to Rome—the language, culture, and spiritual conditions of the world changed accordingly.

This tumultuous era, though often ignored, is vitally important to anyone engaging in serious Bible study. Learn the rich history of this period. Discover the writings of the Old Testament Apocrypha and gain insight into the cultural background of the New Testament. Prolific author and scholar Dr. David deSilva focuses his course on the Apocrypha, showing you how these writings influenced the authors of the New Testament and early Christianity. Dr. Joel Willitts, associate professor of biblical and theological Studies, surveys the history and literature of the Second Temple period, helping you read the New Testament in its proper context.

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  1. Alessandro



  2. Joshua Walters
    does this include explanations on all three books of Enoch or not???
  3. Oldnewbie



    No need to convince me Dr. DeSilva. When I finish paying for my other Mobile Ed courses I'll be looking for this one. Excellent stuff.
  4. Anthony Sims

    Anthony Sims


  5. Jeff



    Would love to do this course but it's just way above my pay grade.


Collection value: $989.98
Save $389.99 (39%)
Starting at $48.84/mo at checkout