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The Resurrection of Jesus: John Dominic Crossan and N. T. Wright in Dialogue


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Two of today’s most important and popular New Testament scholars, John Dominic Crossan and N. T. Wright, here air their very different understandings of the historical reality and theological meaning of Jesus’ resurrection. The book highlights points of agreement and disagreement between them and explores the many attendant issues.

This book brings two leading lights in Jesus studies together for a long-overdue conversation with one another and with significant scholars from other disciplines.

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  • Discusses different understandings Jesus’ resurrection
  • Highlights points of agreement and disagreement
  • Explores the many attendant issues
  • The Resurrection: Historical Event or Theological Explanation? A Dialogue
  • In Appreciation of the Dominical and Thomistic Traditions: The Contribution of J. D. Crossan and N. T. Wright to Jesus Research
  • The Hermeneutics of Resurrection: How N. T. Wright and John Dominic Crossan Read the Resurrection Narratives
  • Mapping the Recent Trend toward the Bodily Resurrection Appearances of Jesus in Light of Other Prominent Critical Positions
  • The Epistemology of Resurrection Belief
  • The Gospel of Peter: Does It Contain a Precanonical Resurrection Narrative?
  • The Resurrection: Faith or History?
  • Wright and Crossan on the Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus
  • The Future of the Resurrection
  • Title: The Resurrection of Jesus: John Dominic Crossan and N. T. Wright in Dialogue
  • Editor: Robert B. Stewart
  • Publisher: Augsburg Fortress
  • Publication Date: 2005
  • Pages: 220

Robert B. Stewart is associate professor of philosophy and theology at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, where he holds the Greer-Heard Chair of Faith and Culture and directs the annual Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum. He is the editor of [[product product-id="30930"]], Intelligent Design: William A. Dembski and Michael Ruse in Dialogue, The Future of Atheism: Alister McGrath and Daniel Dennett in Dialogue, The Reliability of the New Testament: Bart D. Ehrman and Daniel B. Wallace in Dialogue, and The Message of Jesus: John Dominic Crossan and Ben Witherington III in Dialogue.


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    Print list price: $19.00
    Save $1.01 (5%)