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The True Image: The Origin and Destiny of Man in Christ

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This book focuses on the understanding of our humanity (anthropology) in the light of the doctrine of Christ (Christology). Hughes opens with a doctrinal discussion on man's creation in the image of God, continues by considering the effects of man’s fallenness resulting from the rejection of that image, and concludes with a detailed study on the restoration of the image through the redemption provided by God in Christ.

  • Develops the doctrine of man in the light of the doctrine of Christ
  • Presents a biblical, historical, and theological study
  • Explores related topics of creation, sin, salvation, and the Trinity
  • Creation in the Image of God: Integration
  • The Image Rejected: Disintegration
  • The Image Restored: Reintegration
A deeply learned and spiritually enriching book by a mature evangelical scholar that brings the doctrine of Christ and the human together at the point of the image of God. . . Hughes’s skills as both a biblical scholar and a historical and systematic theologian are very evident in this work, which is his best book yet.

—Clark H. Pinnock, McMaster Divinity College

In this wide-ranging biblical, historical, and theological study a versatile veteran makes convincing use lf the concept of the divine image to integrate the doctrines of man and Christ. Philip Hughe’s biblical bases are solid, his exposition weighty, and his historical interactions judicious and enlightening. This is a very valuable piece of work.

—J. I. Packer, Regent College

We have come to expect both solid learning and exquisite literary style from Philip Edgcumbe Hughes. The True Image is no exception. Indeed it is a remarkable piece of work, quarried from a lifetime of study in biblical exegesis, systematic theology, and church history. It is encyclopedic in its discussion of anthropology and Christology and their mutual relationship. The novitate will find it instructive, while the theologically advanced will discover comprehensive exposition married to a scholarly judgment that sometimes resurrects classical views, sometimes provides the unexpected, and on occasion surprises with the controversial.

Sinclair B. Ferguson, Westminster Theological Seminary

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Philip Edgcumbe Hughes served as vice principal of Tyndale Hall, secretary of the church society, and as visiting professor at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. He is also the author of commentaries on Hebrews and 2 Corinthians, as well as Interpreting Prophecy, But for the Grace of God, and Confirmation in the Church Today.


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    Digital list price: $37.99
    Save $14.00 (36%)

    Gathering interest