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Why the Millennial Doctrine is Not Biblical

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This resource goes through twenty-four reasons why the millennial doctrine is not biblical. From the Preface: "If these truths are new to you, or seem to contradict what you sincerely believe, give them a fair trial. Search the Scriptures and see if these things are so."—Albert J. Kempin

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  • Reason 1 - It Robs Jesus of His Throne and Crown
  • Reason 2 - The Millennium is Centered in an Earthly Jerusalem
  • Reason 3 - It is Based Upon an Earthly People
  • Reason 4 - The Millennial Doctrine Ignores the Spiritual Nature of the Kingdom of God
  • Reason 5 - It Opens the Door for the Wildest Kind of Speculation
  • Reason 6 - It Perpetuates the Old Covenant Which was Abrogated
  • Reason 7 - The Millennial Doctrine Holds Out False Hopes to Both
  • Reason 8 - It Discourages Present Victory in Salvation Work
  • Reason 9 - Chiliasm Turns the Stream of Spiritual Development Backwards
  • Reason 10 - The Millennial Theory Mutilates the Word of God
  • Reason 11 - The Doctrine of the Millennuim Misapplies the Period of the Great Tribulation
  • Reason 12 - It Invents a Fanciful Rapture
  • Reason 13 - The Millennial Doctrine Breaks the Continuity of Daniel's Seventy Weeks
  • Reason 14 - It Contradicts Paul's Verdict that "Flesh and Blood Cannot Inherit the Kingdom of God" (1 Cor. 15:50)
  • Reason 15 - The Millennial Doctrine Ignores the Kingdom of God as a Present Reality
  • Reason 16 - The Millennial Doctrine with Its Many Comings and Many Judgments Renders Ineffective the Actual Second Coming and the Judgment Day
  • Reason 17 - Millennial Teachers Invent Another Physical Resurrection
  • Reason 18 - The Millennium is Based Upon an Erroneous Interpretation of the Twentieth Chapter of Revelation
  • Reason 19 - It Limits the Duration of the Kingdom of God to a Literal Thousand Years
  • Reason 20 - It Points Christians to This Earth as Their Future Home
  • Reason 21 - It Accomplished No More Than Can Now Be Accomplished Through Jesus Christ
  • Reason 22 - The Whole Millennial Theory is Based Upon Guesswork
  • Reason 23 - Millennialism is Rooted in Man's Quest Through the Ages for a Golden Age
  • Reason 24 - This Fanciful Age Ends in Failure and Defeat for Christ and His People
  • Title: Why the Millennial Doctrine is Not Biblical
  • Author: Albert J. Kempin
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet

Albert J. Kempin graduated from Temple University, Taylor University, and the University of Southern California. He taught in the Los Angeles Baptist Theological Seminary and at Arlington College. He has also authored Daniel for Today, How to Live a Christian Life, and The King's Parables.


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    Enjoy the Monthly Sale!


    Digital list price: $6.99
    Regular price: $5.99
    Save $1.80 (30%)