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New Testament Propositional Outlines Supplemental Data

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We’ve hand tagged nearly 8,000 verses with more than 130 labels demonstrating the flow of thought of every passage in the New Testament. The New Testament Propositional Bible Outlines Dataset is the first ever semantic outline to cover the entire New Testament. Our team of experts has spent countless hours dissecting each verse and determining how they relate to one another. When you access the Bible Outlines visual filter in your preferred Bible translation, Logos grabs the information catalogued in the New Testament Propositional Bible Outlines Dataset, then reformats the Bible text into an outline showing how ideas fit together, how the text flows, and how each line relates to the next. This massive database catalogues every line of scripture, assigning easy-to-understand labels to every distinct thought. We’ve also included definitions for each label, so you know the significance of every tag.

Thanks to this dataset, you can search Ephesians 1:3 in your favorite Bible translation, select the Propositional Bible Outlines visual filter, and each line of text is defined with its intent and purpose: the first line is a wish, the second line a divine action, the third a comparison, and the fourth communicates purpose. With New Testament Propositional Bible Outlines, complex content and ideas have already been broken down and defined for you, so you can gain understanding by merely glancing at the text. Compare our outline with those of other scholars and come to an informed conclusion about the flow of thought in biblical passages. The information we’ve collected represents years of research that Logos has done for you. We’ve hand tagged and cross referenced thousands of verses so you have access to the information you need in an instant.

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  • Every verse in the New Testament
  • More than 130 labels demonstrating flow of thought
  • Definitions for every label


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    This product is not currently available to purchase.