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The Assembly of God: Or, The All Sufficiency of the Name of Jesus
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The Assembly of God: Or, The All Sufficiency of the Name of Jesus


Loizeaux Brothers

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What is the assembly of God? God’s people have been gathering since he created them—so what makes the church an assembly? Mackintosh’s asks not out of skepticism or criticism, but out of a genuine concern for the nature and identity—and the future—of the church. It is not such an easy task to determine the location and function of the assembly of God’s people, since our conceptions of God’s assembly on earth are based on prejudices and personal predilection. In order to recognize God’s assembly, we must be exclusively taught by God’s word, led by God’s Spirit, and attuned to the operation of God in the world through the work of the church. In this way, The Assembly of God: Or, The All-Sufficiency of the Name of Jesus functions as a biography of the church: it Mackintosh begins with Jesus’ promise to Peter to build the church and ends with the Second Coming of Christ.

Praise for the Print Edition

Man’s complete ruin in sin, and God’s perfect remedy in Christ, are fully, clearly, and often strikingly presented [in Mackintosh’s writings].

—Andrew Miller, a leader of the Plymouth Brethren movement

Product Details

  • Title: The Assembly of God: Or, The All Sufficiency of the Name of Jesus
  • Author: C. H. Mackintosh
  • Series: C. H. Mackintosh Collection
  • Publisher: Loizeaux Brothers Publications
  • Pages: 47

About Charles Henry Mackintosh

Charles Henry Mackintosh (1820–1896) was notable for his work in philanthropic work during the Irish Potatoe Famine which affected much of Ireland, Scotland, and England at the time. He converted to Christianity through correspondence with his sister and through reading John Darby's Operations of the Spirit.