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Pneumatology: A Guide for the Perplexed

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ISBN: 9780567461650


This guide aims to elaborate and constructively engage some of the ongoing dogmatic challenges within the field of Christian pneumatology. Rather than a strict survey, the book largely represents a collection of working proposals on a number of relevant themes, including cosmology, mediation, the nature and role of Spirit-baptism, and discernment.

For those who have found pneumatology frustrating and confusing, the book can serve as an aid to clarify some of the most crucial matters at stake in the doctrine of the Holy Spirit and in turn provide some ways forward amidst the morass of possibilities available.

Key Features

  • Provides an accessible introduction to an essential theological topic
  • Focuses on the most crucial issues surrounding the theology of the Holy Spirit
  • three


  • Facing the Wind: Challenges and Expectations within Pneumatology
  • The Shape of Spirit-talk: Biblical Tags, Patterns, and Themes
  • The Testimony of the Spirit: Pneumatology in the First Centuries
  • Spirit and Life: Creation and Cosmology
  • In the Spirit: Mediation and the Economy of Sanctification
  • Receiving the Spirit: Spirit-baptism and Subsequence
  • Guided by the Spirit: Discernment

Praise for the Print Edition

Without doubt Castelo's desire to encourage us to engage more fully with pneumatology is one to be applauded ... [This book] is written to create greater awareness and desire to engage, and this it does well.

Regents Reviews

This book does exactly what it says on the label. It provides a guide for readers to navigate some of the most perplexing issues in pneumatology. It does so with insight and wisdom. In short, it is a most welcome addition to the literature and I expect that it will become a key introductory text for theology students. I commend it most warmly.

—Mark Cartledge, University of Birmingham, UK

Although unwieldy and often neglected in Christian theology, the doctrine of the Holy Spirit is rich with possibility. In this engagingly written book Castelo introduces the historical discussion and offers suggestive hints for future work in pneumatology. At the same time, he retains an appropriate level of perplexity that corresponds to the subject matter and cultivates deeper faith in God. Written with a broad, ecumenical audience in mind, Castelo's work is a wonderful resource for both beginning students and seasoned scholars who want to be conversant with the latest developments in pneumatology.

—Mark E. Powell, Harding School of Theology

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Daniel Castelo is associate professor of theology at Seattle Pacific Seminary and University. He is the author of Theological Theodicy.

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