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A Survey of Old Testament Introduction

, 1994

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In this revised volume, Gleason Archer examines the Old Testament using two approaches. The opening section deals with the difficult subjects of canonicity, historicity, inspiration, textual problems, and higher criticism. The second section confronts each book of the Old Testament individually, presenting discussions of specific issues related to that book. Archer raises fascinating issues such as: biblical creationism, Noah's ark and the flood, authorship, chronology, and alleged language, style, and theme differences.

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“The only true test of canonicity which remains is the testimony of God the Holy Spirit to the authority of His own Word.” (Page 85)

“The Documentary Hypothesis—the theory that the Pentateuch was a compilation of selections from several different written documents composed at different places and times over a period of five centuries, long after Moses—had its beginning with Jean Astruc, a French physician who became interested in the literary analysis of Genesis.” (Page 89)

“Not at all, for there is a great difference between a document which was wrong at the start and a document which was right at the start but was miscopied.” (Page 25)

“Do we have any objective evidence that errors of transmission have not been permitted by God to corrupt and pervert His revelation? Yes, we have, for a careful study of the variants (different readings) of the various earliest manuscripts reveals that none of them affects a single doctrine of Scripture.” (Page 27)

“The Pentateuch itself testifies to Moses as having composed it.” (Page 117)

Product Details

  • Title: A Survey of Old Testament Introduction
  • Author: Gleason Leonard Archer
  • Publisher: Moody
  • Publication Date: 1998
  • Pages: 585

Gleason L. Archer Jr. was professor emeritus of Old Testament and Semitic studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.


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Save 25% off during the Memorial Day Sale!


Print list price: $39.99
Regular price: $34.99
Save $8.75 (25%)