Relive the Rise of the Young, Restless, and Reformed

Calvinism has made a comeback in recent decades. In fact, in certain church circles it’s become the new cool.

Calvinist, the much-anticipated documentary from Les Lanphere (whose Kickstarter for the film met its goal in three days and surpassed it by more than double), tells the remarkable story of how this came to be.

Mixing live interviews and animation, Calvinist describes how changes in American Christianity over the past several decades set the stage for Calvinism to find new roots. Featuring R.C. Sproul, Paul Washer, Shai Linne, Tim Challies, and other Christian leaders and teachers, it explains what Calvinists believe, why it matters, and where the movement is going.

Watch the trailer.

Buy Calvinist now for unlimited streaming on Faithlife TV. Faithlife TV is free for anyone, and Calvinist is just $19.95.

Calvinist is perfect for individual viewing or small group discussion, since it digs into the nature of salvation and our role in it. Not everyone may agree, but everyone will be challenged to think and dig deeper for answers in Scripture.

However you watch it, Calvinist is sure to captivate you and make you look with fresh eyes at Calvin’s 500-year-old legacy.

Buy Calvinist now through Faithlife TV.

Written by
Matthew Boffey

Matthew Boffey (MDiv, Trinity International University) is the pastor of worship at Christ Church Bellingham. He is also editor-in-chief of Ministry Team magazine, has edited several books, and has written for several blogs and publications, including Relevant online, the Logos blog, and the Faithlife blog.

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Written by Matthew Boffey
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