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30 Days of 30 Gifts

30 Days of 30 Gifts Mug

Earlier this year, we paused to look back over the three decades that Logos has been equipping Christians for deeper Bible study. (Read about the journey.) We’re grateful for the growing community who makes Logos what it is, especially the many Logos users from around the world.

To say thank you, we’re bringing our thirtieth year as a company to a close with a massive giveaway. We’ve collected gift cards, unique Logos merchandise, and courses, plus we’ve teamed up with Lexham Press to create thirty days of incredible gifts.

We’re even giving away an iPad and Apple Pencil combo that’s decked out with Logos 10 Gold.

Details about the giveaway and the full list of prizes are below. Best of luck, and here’s to thirty years of growing in the light!

30 Days of 30 Gifts Giveaway

30 days of 30 giveaways prize list

  1. ✅Logos Mug & Stickers
  2. ✅Lexham Press: Lexham Geographic Commentary on the Gospels (Reg. $39.99)
  3. ✅ Logos Gift Card: $50
  4. ✅Mobile Ed Course: Biblical Languages (Exegesis Concentration): Intermediate Study Bundle (Reg. $1,729)
  5. ✅Logos Hoodie & Stickers
  6. ✅Logos Mug & Stickers
  7. ✅Lexham Press: Lexham Research Commentary: Romans (Reg. $79.99)
  8. ✅Logos Gift Card: $50
  9. ✅Logos Edition Collection: The Biblical Illustrator: Old and New Testament Collection (60 vols.) (Reg. $444.99)
  10. ✅Logos Hoodie & Stickers
  11. ✅Logos Mug & Stickers
  12. ✅Lexham Press: Lexham Context Commentary: New Testament (Reg. $99.99)
  13. ✅Logos Gift Card: $100
  14. ✅Mobile Ed Course: Mobile Ed: Preaching and Discipling Foundations Bundle (10 courses) (Reg. $1,599.99)
  15. ✅Logos Hoodie & Stickers
  16. ✅Logos Mug & Stickers
  17. ✅Lexham Press: The Unseen Realm Bundle (12 vols.) (Reg. $149.99)
  18. ✅Logos Gift Card: $100
  19. ✅Logos Edition Collection: Puritan Ultimate Collection (188 vols.)
  20. ✅Logos Hoodie & Stickers
  21. ✅Logos Mug & Stickers
  22. ✅Lexham Press: Lexham Discourse Bible (8 vols.) (Reg. $217.99)
  23. ✅Logos Gift Card: $150
  24. ✅Mobile Ed Course: Mobile Ed: Studies in the Gospels Bundle (9 courses)
  25. ✅Logos Hoodie & Stickers
  26. ✅Logos Mug & Stickers
  27. ✅Lexham Press Swag (mug, journal, pen, lens cleaning cloth, and more!)
  28. ✅Logos Gift Card: $200
  29. ✅Logos Edition Collection: International Critical Commentary | ICC (65 vols.)
  30. ✅iPad & Apple Pencil + Logos Gold
Written by
Jason Stone

Jason Stone is the Sr. Community Manager at Logos. He has a master’s in biblical exegesis from Wheaton College Graduate School and over a decade of experience with digital marketing, church communications, and ministry.

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Written by Jason Stone