How to Easily See Biblical Events in Context

The Bible of course is loaded with historical events. In some portions of Scripture, such as Acts, the events occur in rapid succession, thereby, challenging us to keep them in chronological order.

There is, however, tucked away on the context (right-click) menu, a helpful tool placing events in the context of other events. Let’s take a quick look at this almost hidden feature, the Biblical Event Navigator:

  • Open an reverse interlinear Bible such as The Lexham English Bible
  • Navigate to a passage containing an event, such as Acts 16:11 chronicling the conversion of Lydia (A)
  • Right-click on any word in Acts 16:11 (B)
  • Select from the left side of the Context menu Lydia becomes a believer (C)
  • Select from the right side of the Context menu Biblical Event Navigator (D)

  • Notice this interactive resource opens with the broad context of the event on the left (E) and key facts on the right (F)

This is another example of a hidden gem in the software! I encourage you to keep exploring the many features of the software. The more you discover, the more they’ll work for you as you study the Word!

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Written by
Morris Proctor

Morris Proctor (1961–2023) was a certified trainer for Logos Bible Software and founder of MP Seminars. Morris trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, and his team continues to provide many training materials.

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Written by Morris Proctor