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Bible Questions & Answers: Where to Go First

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Sometimes in your Bible study, you may come across something that rings a bell—but can’t quite place the reference. Many of us turn to Google, but like all online searches, it can be really hard to find the Bible questions and answers you’re looking for.

So, where should you go when search engines fail your study? When you want results from trusted sources?

Enter Factbook, one of the most loved and powerful features in Logos.

What you can find in Factbook

So maybe you’re wondering, What kind of things can I search in Factbook?

  • People in the Bible and church history
  • Biblical and theological concepts
  • Important locations
  • Important events in the Bible and history

The Factbook scours your entire library for the best, most relevant information to your search—so even if you’re opening Logos for the first time, you can start deep Bible study in a moment.

Here are a few examples of Bible questions you can answer with Factbook:

  • Who are “they” in a particular passage?
  • Where’s Teman?
  • Is Hesbon a person or place?
  • Where are examples of grace in the Old Testament?
  • What does the Bible say about marriage?

Finding Bible answers makes a difference—one father told us how his 12-year-old daughter felt lost reading Jeremiah . . . until she read it using the Factbook. After following links to answer questions like “Who/what is Milcom?”, “she said that she hadn’t understood a section like Jeremiah as well as we did today and that it was because of Factbook.”

And if you’ve used Logos before, you might be surprised at how much more powerful Factbook has become. Phil Gons, vice president of Bible study products for Faithlife, says “It’s more than 10 times bigger in coverage than what we had in prior versions.”

Take a look!

How to find Bible questions and answers in Factbook

So you can dig deeper into the Bible no matter where you are, Factbook is available on desktop app, web app (, and mobile app.

On the web app

From, click the Factbook icon—the book with a check mark on top—from the menu bar. Or go to Tools, then choose Factbook.

Factbook icon in the Logos menu bar

opening Factbook from the Tools menu in Logos

In the mobile app

Open the hamburger menu in the bottom right of your screen, then tap on Factbook. (You’ll see it under Popular and under Tools.)

On the desktop app

Like with the web app, open Factbook from the menu bar—it’s the icon of a book with a check mark on top—or from the Tools menu.

You can also click into it from right inside your passage.

One of the coolest things about Logos 9 is the new visual filter you can use when you’re reading the Bible. (It’s on the reference bar at the top—the book with the check over it.)

Image showing how you can find Bible questions and answers with Logos 9

Say you’re reading John 4, and you’re a little stumped on the geography in verses 3–4. Jesus is going through Samaria to get from one part of Israel to another?

With the Factbook visual filter turned on, you’ll see lots of words with a slight underline, including Judea, Galilee, Samaria, and Sychar.

Image showing how you can find Bible questions and answers with Logos 9

Click on Samaria, and the Factbook will automatically open to the entry on Samaria. From there, you can look at maps of the region in New Testament times, other biblical events related to Samaria (including being conquered by Assyria, Babylon, and others), and more.

How to start a study from Factbook

You could take your study several different directions from Factbook, but here’s one possible route:

  • Scan through the Key Articles section to find basic information
  • Read key passages
  • Scroll to the Events section
  • Click on entries from Bible dictionaries
  • Open related books from your library

The video below shows how you could use Factbook to study Herod in Luke 23, for instance. (Did you know it’s not the same Herod as in Jesus’ birth narrative?)

Who’s loving Factbook

Everyone should use the new Factbook. That is a game changer in my study process. I hardly ever used it before and used it four or five times today. . . . It’s such a helpful tool. Also, the ability to search an author, pastor, or preacher and have their resources populate, along with biographical information!! I imagine Factbook will replace some of the googling people might have been tempted to do.

—Ryland B.

It’s Factbook made better! It’s easy to use and will likely be the first stop for future study.

—John K.

The Factbook, already a goldmine of information for rich, in-depth topical studies, has been overhauled to give pastors even more of what they need for counseling, understanding theological terms, and putting together comprehensive sermons.

—Mary F.

In the new Factbook in Logos 9, you can basically look up anything. The Factbook has the capacity to become the new starting point for all studies and preparations. You can quickly get an overview of a topic, at the same time as you are served links to in-depth information based on the library you own.

—Pastor Christian M.

Factbook is the Logos tool that gives you a launching pad for researching almost any topic that isn’t reference-based. . . . For discovering what your library has to say about Jerusalem, for example, there is Factbook.

—Brian D.

How to get the new Factbook

Here’s a tip: though Factbook is included in Logos Starter and up, it works best in Logos  Silver and up because those packages provide a larger library to fuel your Factbook results.

Quicker, more thorough Bible study is waiting—get a Logos feature upgrade now!

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