How to Land a Marketing Job at Logos

As of today, Logos’ marketing department has 21 openings. We’re looking for writers, editors, coders, strategists, managers, and more, and we want to hear from you.

So how do you land a job at Logos?

1. Be distinct

“Objective: self-starter / team player seeks a dynamic web 2.0 position that advances my career and leverages my talents.”

Nope—the last thing you want to do is blend in with generic language. Rather than adapting an online template or a cover letter from a different job, start by studying the job listing. Think about how you would filter out candidates, and write to beat that filter—be specific about how you meet each qualification.

One good way to stand out: get your portfolio online. That lets us quickly get a feel for your work and personality; plus, it shows some tech know-how. Even if you’re no web designer, WordPress makes it simple to get started.

2. Be polished

We want to hire the best people, the people with the highest standards. We also work with extremely tight deadlines. It says a lot if your cover letter and résumé, written without any deadline, are full of spelling and grammatical errors. Check everything you’re not sure about against Merriam-Webster—“Is ‘phenomenon’ plural?” “Does ‘sign-up’ need that hyphen?” Then proofread until everything’s perfect, and then a few times more.

3. Be honest

You’ll probably get some interview questions related to your personality. Please don’t respond with what you think we want to hear—very few questions are “hire / no hire,” and often the seemingly “right” answer isn’t what we’re looking for at all. Likewise, if you don’t know an answer, don’t try to fake your way through—just say “no.” We usually ask followup questions, and it’s embarrassing for everyone when an applicant’s stated “expertise” falls flat.

4. Show initiative

We have a lot of content on the web. Know who we are and why you want the job.

  • Read up on our brands and projects. When it’s your turn to ask questions, don’t ask, “So, what’s Bible software?”
  • Check out our marketing materials—emails, older blog posts, product pages. Then tell us how you would improve them. We want employees who aren’t afraid to give feedback.

5. Be patient

Since we’re looking for the best people, the interview process can take a while—usually three interviews minimum.

6. Know what your dream job looks like

The best hires grow into the jobs they really want. If what you’re applying for is nearly your dream job, come to your interview ready to tell us what you’d change.

Now go check out our openings at—the company is growing, and we’d love to have you join us!

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Written by David Davidson
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