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Copy-Paste Bible Text from Logos While in Other Apps

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After more than a year as a Logos Pro, I’m still occasionally surprised to discover things I never knew Logos could do.

I already knew about the Copy Bible Verses tool in Logos. I use it so regularly that I made a shortcut to it in my menu bar:


But I just learned that you can use Logos to insert Bible text while you’re in other apps—pretty much anything with a text field.

There are two ways to do this.

1. Pop-up window

While you’re happily typing away in a word processor, you can call up a pop-up Copy Bible Verses window, copy Bible text in any number of formats, and paste it right into your document.


This works “out of the box” in Windows. Just hit Ctrl+Alt+B.

On a Mac you have to enable the appropriate “service.” Just click the name of your word-processing app in the menu bar, select the “Services” menu, and click “Services Preferences. . .” Then make sure “Open Copy Bible Verses (Logos)” is selected (and while you’re at it, enable the other service we’ll use in the next method, “Replace with Passage (Logos)”). Advanced users can alter the keyboard shortcuts here if they so choose.


2. Select a reference and use a keyboard shortcut

The second way to insert verse text into your word-processor without switching to the Logos app is only available for Mac. As long as you’ve enabled the right service (see previous point), you can type a reference, select it, and hit a keyboard shortcut (⌘⇧E) to replace it with the relevant verse text from your preferred Bible:


I don’t know about you, but—wait, I do know about you. You are like me, or you wouldn’t have read this far. You copy Bible passages into word processors all the time. It’s a chore, or was.

That is all. You can get back to your Bible study now.

P.S. Of course, neither of these methods is as easy as Sermon Editor. Just type a reference on its own line and hit enter:


mark ward
Mark L. Ward, Jr. received his PhD from Bob Jones University in 2012; he now serves the church as a Logos Pro. He is the author of multiple high school Bible textbooks, including Biblical Worldview: Creation, Fall, Redemption.


If you use Logos, you know how powerful and helpful it can be for Bible study, sermon prep, and spiritual growth. And if you haven’t upgraded to Logos 7 yet, visit our website or call (888) 670-3148 to get a personalized upgrade recommendation today.

Written by
Mark Ward

Mark Ward (PhD, Bob Jones University) is an editor in the book division at Crossway. He is the author of several books and textbooks including Biblical Worldview: Creation, Fall, Redemption (BJU Press, 2016), Basics for a Biblical Worldview (BJU Press, 2021), and Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible (Lexham Press, 2018). He is an active YouTuber.

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Written by Mark Ward