Tech Tuesday: How to Post Your Sermon Online

You spend all that time preparing your sermon, preach it once or twice (or more), and then what?

Get extra mileage out of your work by recording your sermons and posting them online. That way God’s Word continues to echo even while you’re preparing your next sermon. People can return to your sermon to continue pondering your message, or they can share it with others for encouragement.

How to record your sermon

Check out this training article¬†for the full explanation of how to record, edit, and post your sermon all from within Proclaim. Or, if you prefer video instructions, it’s all included here:

Don’t yet have Proclaim?

Now’s the time to get it, because you get a free Christmas media included. Start a free trial now.

Written by
Matthew Boffey

Matthew Boffey (MDiv, Trinity International University) is the pastor of worship at Christ Church Bellingham. He is also editor-in-chief of Ministry Team magazine, has edited several books, and has written for several blogs and publications, including Relevant online, the Logos blog, and the Faithlife blog.

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Written by Matthew Boffey
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