Have You Heard about Logos’ New Membership Program?

We’ve revamped Logos Now, transforming it into a brand new membership program with more to offer than ever before! With members-only offers on Lexham Press, Kirkdale Press, Mobile Ed, and more, a Logos Now membership pays for itself. Right now you can start saving on works like St. Andrew’s Expositional Commentary Series (5 vols.), The Bible Exposition Commentary by Warren Wiersbe, and NT 305: New Testament Theology.

Get every feature…ever!

For the first time, a Logos Now membership gives you access to every single Logos 6 feature. That means that no matter what version of Logos you own—or even if you don’t own a base package at all—when you join Logos Now, you become fully up to date with every feature available in Logos 6.

With a Logos Now membership you also get early access to Logos 7 features. And every six weeks, we’ll send you the newly-minted features so you can deepen your Bible study without having to wait for the complete release of the newest version of Logos.

It gets even better—Logos Now members also get exclusive access to certain features that are only available with a subscription, such as Lemma in Passage and Discourse Datasets & Visual Filters. See all the early-release and subscription-only features available to Logos Now members.

Try before you buy

Logos Now members also receive full-access previews to select resources. Try them out in your Bible study for a month, then use an exclusive discount to keep the ones you like. It’s a great way to experience new resources without ever opening your wallet. Curious about what has been offered in the past? Check out all the preview resources Logos Now members have enjoyed.

Take a seminary-level course for free

For the first time, Logos Now members can access select Mobile Ed content at no extra cost! Learn from top scholars on some of the most important biblical topics today. Currently, Now members can take NT156 The Significance of the Resurrection, featuring Douglas Moo, Craig Evans, and Ben Witherington III. Start your membership today, and take this course valued at $69.99 at no additional cost.

Strengthen your presentation with free media

Logos Now members can use exclusive media that is only available through subscription. Enjoy over 6,000 pieces of premium still and motion media. This includes slides for your presentations, photographs to deepen your understanding of the Bible, verse animations, and more.


Join thousands of others who are already enjoying Logos Now membership benefits—get started today for only $89.99 a year.

Written by
Kaleb Cuevas

Kaleb Cuevas is a husband, father, ministry leader, church league softball professional.

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Written by Kaleb Cuevas