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I’ve written about the most important factors to consider when choosing a study Bible, including how the free Faithlife Study Bible performs in each of them. This is a powerful resource that has something to offer no matter where you are in your faith journey. But you may want to augment your FSB with an additional set of study notes, and there are number of other exceptional study Bibles available for purchase on

Here’s a quick rundown of some of them.

ESV Study Bible

One of the most highly regarded study Bibles ever produced, the ESV was the first Bible to be named Christian Book of the Year. J. I. Packer, who chaired the ESV translation team, served as the theological editor for the study Bible. This study tool commands the respect of church leaders from virtually every denomination.

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Nelson Study Bible

I’ll admit to a little bias here because I carried Nelson through high school and much of college, but ask anyone who has used it, and they’ll tell you that the Nelson Study Bible is one of the most theologically balanced study Bibles available today. It’s more pastoral than some of the other study Bibles on the list. Its scholarship is delivered in plain English with an emphasis on life application.

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Believer’s Study Bible

In many ways, Believer’s is the predecessor of the Nelson Study Bible. Edited by W. A. Criswell, the Believer’s Study Bible reflects the fundamental Baptist tradition that undergirds much of the American church.

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Apologetics Study Bible

Rather than offering an exegetical overview and historical background like most study Bibles, the Apologetics Study Bible articulates a compelling reason to believe at every turn. Many of the church’s leading apologists and thinkers—such as Ravi Zacharias, Norman Geisler, and Al Mohler—contributed to this great resource. Inside you’ll find expansive notes—more like essays—that address important questions like, “Is the Bible reliable and true?”

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The MacArthur Study Bible

John MacArthur has plenty of critics, but few scholars have studied the Word as extensively as he has. MacArthur famously set aside 30 hours each week for purposed Bible study throughout his 30-year ministry. That amounts to more than 46,000 hours of deliberate Bible study. I think it’s safe to say that we all have something to learn from him.

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Women’s Study Bible

In addition to a rich exegetical commentary written by women for women, the Women’s Study Bible also includes portraits of more than 100 women of the Bible. This is a valuable resource for both women and men of faith.

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The Scofield Reference Bible

The Geneva Bible is widely regarded as the first-ever study Bible. But the Scofield Reference Bible was the first study Bible published in the modern era. It was groundbreaking in several ways. In a practical sense, it was one of the first Bibles to be printed alongside supplemental notes. In a theological sense, it brought dispensationalism into the mainstream. Now more than 100 years old, the Scofield is undoubtedly a classic Bible study tool.

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NIV Grace and Truth Study Bible

The NIV Grace and Truth Bible was compiled by a group of scholars and pastors who have taken great care to present the gospel to all believers, whether they are new to the Christian faith or have been following Christ for most of their lives. The study and observational notes will compel you to read further, merging the earnestness in evangelizing the unbeliever and the compassion to warm the heart of a weary believer who has been battered by the struggles of life.

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CSB Spurgeon Study Bible Notes

The CSB Spurgeon Study Bible features thousands of excerpts from Spurgeon’s sermons, chosen and edited by Alistair Begg to bring the richness of the Prince of Preachers’ insights into your daily study of God’s Word. Features include an introductory biography of Charles Spurgeon, study notes crafted from Spurgeon’s sermons, extracted sermon illustrations, sermon notes and outlines in Spurgeon’s own handwriting, “Spurgeon Quotables,” book introductions with book overviews in Spurgeon’s own words, maps, and more.

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