Sermon Manager Levels Up with New Sermon Imports from Word

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Logos users loved Sermon Manager back when we introduced it in Logos 9. And by combining all the power of the new Sermon Manager with the improvements we made to Sermon Builder, Logos quickly won the hearts of organizational nerds everywhere. Finally, a convenient way to plan, write, and store sermons all in one digital place. So beautiful. So simple. So clean. 

The good and the sad

Our customers quickly realized getting the most out of Sermon Manager actually required getting the entirety of their sermon archive into the system—even the really old sermons from years and years ago. For pastors just starting out, this was no big deal. After a couple long afternoons, they were up and running with the smartest, most searchable personal sermon archive on earth.

But for pastors who had preached and taught for decades, there was one big snag with getting everything in one place: you could upload a list of your sermons from a spreadsheet, but if the actual sermon text wasn’t written inside Logos, it had to be added manually.


(We’re sorry, okay? Building awesome software takes time, and we figured it was better to give you the part of the tool that was ready to use as soon as possible. That said, keep reading. There’s good news.)

Turning that frown upside down

As you can imagine, many of our seasoned users quickly slid into our DMs begging for an import tool—something we’re happy to deliver with Logos 10. 

With Logos 10, you can now quickly import your full sermon archive directly from Word into Logos. The import will keep your formatting, colors, and font sizes, and it will even tag any Bible references automatically for easy searching later.

Smart and intuitive bulk imports

When you bulk import, the sermons you add will be highlighted so you can easily mark them with any metadata you’d like, including the speaker, location, sermon series, liturgical season, and more. And if you simply upload one sermon, you’ll be taken directly to that sermon in Sermon Builder. Pretty nifty, right?

Putting your old sermons to work

Imagine how organized you’ll be once you get all of your old sermons imported and tagged all in one place. And best of all, now all of those sermons are additional assets in Logos that you can reference, search, share, and make use of again and again.

That’s it. That’s the update. Now, what are you waiting for? You have sermons to import!

Get Logos 10 now to start importing sermon manuscripts, planning your next sermons, and keeping your heart set on the Word.

Watch the video

Watch the launch video for this feature below.

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Written by Logos Staff