Identifying Your Spheres of Influence

The One-Minute Apologist Bobby Conway talks about loving non-believers with our minds (0:10), and Dr. Steve Runge shares a lesson from the Faithlife Language Lab (3:22).

Keep learning from Dr. Conway with Introducing Evangelism

Gain confidence to share and defend your faith with this course from apologist, author, and pastor Dr. Bobby Conway. Examine the biblical definitions for “evangelism” and “apologetics” so you can live out the Great Commission in your home, workplace, and community. Acquire useful and proven strategies to overcome the most common challenges, such as facing your fears and answering hard questions.

Simplify your outreach program and engage your culture biblically with Dr. Conway’s five-part approach to evangelism. Whether you desire to do more personal evangelism and apologetics or to equip others for the ministry, Dr. Conway provides the instruction you need.

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Master discourse analysis with Dr. Runge

In his discourse analysis courses, Dr. Runge explains linguistic devices—the building blocks of discourse analysis—and how understanding these devices can help us better understand the New Testament writers’ intentions. You’ll learn how to recognize these devices in the text, what they contribute to your exegesis, and how they can sharpen your exposition of the text. You’ll then put these methods into practice with Dr. Runge’s help as he guides you through Philippians.

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