What Dr. Michael Licona Says to Christians Who Doubt

Dr. Michael Licona talks about the struggles with doubting your faith (:10), and Todd Bishop offers a Logos Pro tip on using the LXX Translation Ring (4:10).

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Discover various approaches to sharing your faith with nonbelievers. Explore and analyze current physicalist/naturalist views on human nature, creativity, and consciousness. Observe a futuristic debate between Christianity’s St. Paul and Islam’s Muhammad as they address the validity of their religious doctrines, cite primary sources, and argue over one of the biggest defining aspects of their religions: the validity of Jesus’ resurrection. Learn about present strategies to defend the belief in moral absolutes while recognizing moral relativism’s logical inconsistencies, growth in the past decades, and political and social influences.

In a solid, scriptural, and non-technical way, the Baker Apologetics Collection brings beginning and experienced apologist insight on today’s philosophical issues, while firmly defending the Christian faith.

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Written by Logos Staff
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