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Why It’s Significant That Jesus Was the Living Temple

Dr. Nicholas Perrin discusses why it matters theologically that Jesus was the living temple (:10), and Todd Bishop gives viewers a Logos Pro tip (4:05).

Develop a biblical theology of the kingdom of God

Explore the kingdom through the parables of Jesus and learn what the kingdom is, who the kingdom belongs to, and how one lives in the kingdom. Discover that the kingdom is what God does and that he just might use you in his work. This kingdom is to be characterized by sharing, by working together, by forgiving each other, and by being empowered by the Holy Spirit. Most importantly, it is a kingdom centered on Jesus the Messiah and on worship—and this is just a foretaste of what’s going to happen when the kingdom comes in its fullness.

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Explore the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary

The editor of the EEC says, “If you are committed as a Christian student or pastor or leader to communicate the Word of God to other people, you simply will not find, in my opinion, anything that’s going to be as valuable to you in the study of God’s Word as the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary.”

Learn more about this prestigious commentary series.

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