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Over 3,000 NEW Reasons to Love Logos

The Logos catalog of titles is growing! We’re proud to announce that Wordsearch Bible is transitioning to Logos and that Wordsearch users are currently being migrated to the Logos platform. As a result, we’ll be able to add thousands of Wordsearch...

Why Dr. Roger Olson Rejects Calvinism

Dr. Roger Olson discusses predestination and Calvinism (0:10), and Elliot Ritzema shares about the Spurgeon commentary series (2:00). Explore Dr. Olson’s argument against Calvinism Dr. Olson holds degrees from Rice University, North American...

Wisdom in James

 Dr. Arterburn discusses how the book of James provides help for recovery (0:10), and Dr. Runge shares a lesson on an important Greek particle that often gets lost in translation (2:30). Practice wisdom in critical matters of everyday life What...

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