Why Dr. Roger Olson Rejects Calvinism

Dr. Roger Olson discusses predestination and Calvinism (0:10), and Elliot Ritzema shares about the Spurgeon commentary series (2:00).

Explore Dr. Olson’s argument against Calvinism

Dr. Olson holds degrees from Rice University, North American Baptist Seminary, and Open Bible College. He has written numerous articles for such publications as Christian Century and Christianity Today.
Browse his works today, and check out his popular title, Against Calvinism.

Read Spurgeon’s works like never before

Elliot Ritzema and the team at Lexham Press help you benefit from Charles Spurgeon’s incredible wisdom, passage by passage. Spurgeon’s writings on the Bible fill dozens of volumes—his thoughts on particular passages scattered in numerous books and sermons. These volumes collect his thoughts on ten different New Testament letters in a commentary format, with illustrations and applications culled from his sermons and writings.

Get the Spurgeon Commentary Collection: New Testament Letters today!

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Written by Logos Staff