Study the New Testament with Dr. Lynn Cohick

Dr. Lynn Cohick talks about understanding the apostle Paul in his historical context (:10), and Dr. Michael Heiser gives some insights on interpreting Scripture (4:55).

Study the New Testament with Dr. Lynn Cohick

Gain a better understanding of the New Testament’s structure and themes with New Testament scholar Dr. Lynn Cohick. You’ll examine elements such as historical context, writing techniques of the Gospel authors, developments in the early Church, the settings of the epistles, the genre of the book of Revelation, and the life of Jesus.

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Learn more about Paul of Tarsus

Who was Paul of Tarsus? In this course, Dr. Lynn Cohick draws from the book of Acts as well as Paul’s letters to paint a vivid picture of who he was, what he did, and what he believed. “We want to take a look both at Acts and at Paul’s letters because we want to make sure that we understand Paul not simply as someone who thinks about theology, sits at a desk, and writes letters, but also as someone who is doing—who is living out what [he] claims.”
Dr. Cohick begins with Luke’s perspective in Acts and draws attention to Paul’s desires and actions and the major events in his life. Then, using Acts as a narrative framework, she looks at Paul’s own writings to reveal more about his personal thoughts and fears. If you want a guided tour through the life and teachings of one of the most influential figures in the Church, this is it.

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Learn more with Dr. Heiser on interpreting Scripture

Delve into a number of difficult passages with Dr. Heiser as he introduces key interpretive issues and the problems that are lurking in the background of these verses. He guides you through what needs the most attention and introduces you to several options for interpretation for each passage.

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