Problems with Bible Translations

Dr. Steve Runge discusses verses like Romans 8:28 that create challenges for Bible translators (:10), and get an animated look at Psalm 36:5–9 (2:50).

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Organized into preachable portions of Scripture and featuring over 100 custom graphics, Romans is perfect for sermons, Bible studies, and small groups. Using principles of linguistics and biblical exegesis, Dr. Runge illuminates the key principles and overall message of the book of Romans. This commentary not only helps you identify the big ideas of a passage, it gives you custom slides that you can export right into sermons and Bible studies. Dr. Runge provides applicable and approachable examples throughout, making clear every-day connections between ideas in Romans and practical living.

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Study Greek with Dr. Runge

Our understanding of the Greek New Testament is based almost entirely on English translations, but how would our understanding of the Greek text change if we read it for what it is—as Greek?  With the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament Datasets, we can now get behind the words of the New Testament writers and discover the particular linguistic tasks that inform translation and interpretation. The Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament Datasets identify discourse markers and perform complex discourse analysis of the entire New Testament quickly, easily, and accurately, which makes them one of the most advanced tools for studying the Greek text of the New Testament.

The Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament Datasets includes the entire Greek text of the New Testament marked up with more than 20 discourse devices, making discourse analysis easier than ever! The Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament Datasets come with a general introduction to discourse grammar, where you’ll find an overview of each discourse device and numerous examples from the Greek text of how various New Testament authors used these devices to communicate.

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