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Everyone’s Bible-study workflow is different. Hopefully we’re all following sound hermeneutics, but there’s infinite variation in how we actually apply those principles. Since no two workflows are exactly alike, Logos can be customized to fit your needs. You’ll save a ton of time in your sermon, lesson, or Bible-study prep with custom layouts. Once you know the type of study you’d like to perform and the resources you need to consult, it’s simple to customize Logos to match your preferred workflow.


Finding the layout that fits you

Get the right resources for your workflow

Much of the work you saw in the video was based on an examination of the original Greek. If you want to do similar study, you need to have the right resources in your library.

  • Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature Affectionately known as BDAG, this authoritative lexicon should be a staple of any Bible study. Definitions in BDAG receive significantly more treatment than those in other lexicons, giving you a more complete understanding of the nuance of the original language.
  • Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament, 28th Edition – Nearly every modern English Bible is based on the NA28. Simply put, this is an essential resource for any in-depth study of the underlying New Testament text.
  • New International Greek Testament Commentary (NIGTC)- Some of the most celebrated commentaries on the New Testament are included in the NIGTC. From Anthony Thiselton on 1 Corinthians to F.F. Bruce on Galatians, this series includes some of the best scholarship based on the original Greek text.
  • International Critical Commentary Series – One of the most comprehensive resources for New Testament studies, this much sought after series is often out of reach in print editions—there are multiple revisions, 61 volumes, and a huge price tag. The Logos edition brings together every volume in an affordable digital edition that, of course, fully integrates with your software.

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The Logos Pro Team is here to help you master Logos Bible Software. Our team of experts want to educate and empower you with the best Bible software so that you can do better Bible Study. That’s why we’re offering FREE training videos that teach you how to use Logos tools and resources. We’ve already created loads of videos, and are crafting more every day. Plus, our team carefully selects a real example to help demonstrate the power of Logos in each video. So not only will you learn the software better, you’ll know the Bible better too.

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