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3 Tools to Navigate Challenging Passages

Perhaps Cosimo I de’ Medici was right to be paranoid. After all, he only became the Duke of Florence after his predecessor was assassinated by a distant cousin. Then, after claiming the title, de’ Medici had to endure the petty manipulations of some of the most powerful men in Florence. Everyone was eager to use him for their own personal and political gain. And of course, members of the aristocracy were regularly the target of assassination by fellow noblemen vying for titles, wealth, and political clout. Suffice it to say, sixteenth-century Italy was a hornet’s nest of conspiracy, intrigue, and shifting alliances. So when de’ Medici purchased one of the most extravagant palaces in Europe, he required safe passage from his new home to government headquarters. To pass through the crowded city streets would be treacherous at best, not to mention common. He wanted to commute in style.

Cosimo I de’ MediciSo he ordered the construction of a vast, completely enclosed–and very well-decorated–passageway through the heart of town. The Vasari Corridor stretches more than half a mile, connecting the ducal residence to government headquarters on the other side of Florence. It bridges the Arno River, meanders through and around some of the city’s most historic structures, and arrives at last at the Palazzo Veccio where de’ Medicci conducted his governmental responsibilities. Basically, it’s one of the most elaborate skyways in the world, and today it houses the Medici family’s extensive art collection, including pieces by Chagall and Rembrandt.

Traverse hazardous terrain

Perhaps Bible study isn’t quite as treacherous as sixteenth-century Italy, but there are plenty of traps to ensnare you. From misunderstanding the nuances of cultural practices, to failing to grasp the themes and poetic structure of Psalms and Proverbs, Logos can help you find safe passage through the challenges of in-depth study. And right now, it’s easier than ever to cross over to Logos 6. For a limited time, you can save 15% or more on the Feature Crossgrade. It’s an affordable and simple way to keep your current resources and documents, and get all Logos 6’s new tools, Interactive Media, Media Collections, and datasets—without the expense of adding more books.

Here are three ways the Feature Crossgrade can help you find safe passage.

Cross cultural divides

It’s no secret that the world of the Bible is significantly different from our own. That’s why we created the Cultural Concepts tool. Now, complex cultural research that used to take hours can be performed in seconds by anyone

Correlate events to people and locations

You can explore Scripture in its historical context with the Timeline–and In Logos 6, it’s new and improved. Customize your results with new color-coded filters that let you sort results by subject–like biblical events, classical studies, or Catholic studies–or by type, including locations, construction, art, people, groups, and much more.

Connect theology with poetic structure

If you’ve ever studied biblical poetry, you know how the very literary structure of a passage should shape theological interpretation. In Logos 6, the Psalms Explorer and Proverbs Explorer make discerning that structure much simpler.

Bridge the gap to Logos 6

Feature CrossgradeMaybe you’re a Libronix lover dedicated to keeping your Windows 98 PC running. Or perhaps you’re happy with Logos 5, but are intrigued by some of the awesome new features in Logos 6. Even if you own Logos 6 Silver, you’re still missing important tools that will help you dig deeper into your Bible study. Whoever you are, you can start using all the features and capabilities of Logos 6 Gold with the Feature Crossgrade. And if you get it before August 31st, you’ll save 15% or more. Plus, with your Logos 6 Feature Crossgrade you’ll get access to a free, live training webinar hosted by a Logos pro. If you attend, you’ll also get a $25 coupon code to expand your library with any of our Feature Expansion Collections. We’ll even throw in 10% off an annual Logos Now subscription.

Bridge the gap with the Feature Crossgrade right now!

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