Are These 5 ‘Myths’ about Logos Costing You Valuable Time?

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Are you a current Logos user thinking about upgrading to Logos 9? As with every buying decision, there’s lots to consider, and no two Logos users are exactly alike.

We want to make sure you have all the information you need, so in this post, we’ve pulled together answers to some of the most common questions we hear.

If you have more specific questions, our team would love to answer them! You can call, chat, or email us here.

Myth #1: If I get a Logos 9 package, it will replace my current Logos package.

The beauty of Logos packages is that they stack. So if you own Logos 6 and get Logos 9, your new books and features don’t replace what you currently have, they add to it. When you purchased a base package, it was just that: a base. Everything you get from now on—including an upgrade to Logos 9—adds to that base.

Myth #2: I have to buy more books to upgrade.

When you bought your first Logos package, you got a digital library and a set of Logos features. If you’re like some customers, you may be perfectly happy with the books you already have in your Logos library. Now that Logos 9 upgrades are available, you may be wondering, “Do I really want to invest in more books?”

The truth is, you can upgrade without investing in new books.

There are two types of Logos 9 upgrades: a complete upgrade and a feature upgrade. A complete upgrade includes books and features that will be added to your base package. A feature upgrade includes just the features. So if you want to upgrade to Logos 9 without adding new books to your library, this is the choice for you.

That said, if you’re looking forward to using new tools like the Counseling Guide, you may want to look at a complete upgrade. As you know, books and resources fuel features, and the Counseling Guide pulls from things like Tim Clinton’s Quick Reference Guides and June Hunt’s Biblical Counseling Keys—which are included in many Logos 9 packages. (You could technically buy them separately, but considering you save around 90% by buying packages compared to individual resources, you might save money by going the package route.)

Learn more about feature upgrades.

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Myth #3: I feel like I’m barely tapping into what my current package can do. Getting new features would be a waste.

We know that Logos is packed with features and that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why, when we made Logos 9, we wanted to build features that you can learn fast and start using right away.

That includes features like Preaching Mode, where you can see the work you’ve already done in the Sermon Builder (formerly Sermon Editor) in a speaker-friendly way—without extra work.

It also includes the new Factbook, which allows you to search thousands and thousands of biblical concepts, events, names, and so on—and connects you instantly to all the relevant content in your library on the topic. It’s a quick and easy place to start your study.

Those are only three of the new features in Logos 9 that cut the busywork out of preaching, ministry, and deep Bible study.

Myth #4: If I get a ‘lower package’ it’s a downgrade.

Let’s say you own Logos 8 Platinum. If you get Logos 9 Gold, isn’t that a step down?


As described above, an upgrade adds to what you currently own. Think of it like adding another wing to your virtual library. You could make a large addition or a small one, but whichever you choose, you get more books and more features.

That means you have lots of upgrade options to choose from, no matter your budget. And thanks to Dynamic Pricing, you’ll only pay for what’s new to you. You literally could save hundreds of dollars on your upgrade because of it.

Read more: How does Dynamic Pricing work?

Myth #5: It’s going to cost me thousands of dollars to upgrade to Logos 9.

You could spend a lot to get Logos 9—but you may not need to. It all comes down to three things:

  1. What you want to do in Logos
  2. Which Logos package(s) you already own
  3. How much is in your budget

The Logos 9 feature sets are all tailored for different needs. For example, the Bible study features in Bronze make it a great fit for small group leaders, while preaching pastors will probably want the in-depth sermon and language tools in the Full Feature Set. However, each feature set stacks—so everything in the Starter Feature Set is also in Bronze, and so on. If you only want a feature set without the library, hop over here to see how it works.

And if you already have a Logos package, you won’t pay a second time for tools or resources you already own in Logos. So, if you’re going from Logos 8 Gold to Logos 9 Gold, you’ll see a deeper discount than even our 15% launch discount. Make sure you’re logged in on to see your price.

No matter your budget, we want Logos to be within reach for everyone who needs it. That’s why we offer interest-free payment plans and subscriptions to Faithlife Connect (with access to Logos features). If you can spare $9 a month, you can afford Logos 9.

Learn more about how to get Logos 9 without breaking your piggy bank.

Still have questions? Drop a note in the comments, or reach us at And consider taking this quick quiz to get a personalized Logos recommendation.

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