3 Reasons to Add a Pentecostal & Charismatic Base Package to Your Library

Great preachers and teachers reside in every tradition, whether Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, or any other denomination.  

Regardless of your specific tradition, the Logos Pentecostal and Charismatic base package can give you a wealth of insights with rich resources designed for a vibrant, Spirit-filled life.

For example, you can get these collections for a fraction of the price when you get them in a base package:

Jack Taylor Collection (9 vols.)
Jack Taylor’s experience of the Spirit-filled life, particularly through a powerful movement of God in the early 1970s, has led him to teach principles God has used to transform lives—both in the context of revival and in the practicalities of daily life.

Bill Hamon Collection (13 vols.)
In these volumes, Hamon outlines the work of the Spirit through the history of the church up to the present day. Learn about the Holy Spirit’s continued work from this esteemed bishop, professor, and apostle/prophet.

John and Lisa Bevere Collection (8 vols.)
Discover keys to victorious Christian living with this collection published by Charisma House. In the John and Lisa Bevere Collection, you’ll get the 10th and 20th anniversary editions of John Bevere’s best-seller The Bait of Satan, as well as valuable resources for men and women alike.

If you bought just these collections separately, you’d spend $334. But with a Logos Pentecostal and Charismatic Starter base package, you can get these and over 100 other books and resources for under $300—and that doesn’t take into account dynamic pricing. With the Bronze, Silver, and Gold base packages, you’ll save even more on quality resources.

Adding a Pentecostal & Charismatic base package to your library is a smart move for multiple reasons:

  1. You save even more on collections like the ones mentioned above. Collections are already at bundled pricing, so when they are bundled into a base package, the price comes down even more.
  2. You add perspectives to your library that help you see the Scriptures more clearly. For example, the charismatic perspective gives great attention to spiritual warfare and revival, more so than many other traditions. If those areas of your life and teaching are lacking, this library could help you grow.
  3. You never lose any books when you add on another base package, and you never pay for any resources you already own. That means you shave even more off the price of a base package, to where you can get multiple books for near pennies compared to what they would be individually.


Add your Logos Pentecostal and Charismatic base package today and begin a deeper spirit-filled life. And if you want more information before purchasing, check out all your options, or compare your different library choices.

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Written by Logos Staff