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Don’t settle for less

A payment plan makes the library you want affordable.
Spread your payments out, interest-free, over up to 24 months.


A payment plan breaks your bill down to bite-size chunks, so you can afford even a huge base package, like Platinum, on a tight budget. You’ll never pay interest, either—just a $5 administrative fee per payment (to keep the accountants happy).

Discounts you can count on

You have one chance to save the most cash on a base package: the first time you buy. So why let a one-time price keep you from saving on the library you’ll want later? Take advantage of bulk savings now with a custom low price from the Custom Upgrade Discount Calculator.

Get more with
Logos 6 Platinum

You'd have to make a $600 jump to get Platinum from Gold in a one-time payment. Yet because it's eligible for a 24-month payment plan, you can own Platinum when increasing your monthly payment by only $3.48 per month. Go from an 18-month to a 24-month payment plan, and get hundreds of additional resources with Platinum!

*Note: Platinum is eligible for a 24-month plan because it costs more than $1,800.


Have questions about payment plans? Visit our payment plan FAQ page