Which Upgrade Is Right for You—Feature or Complete?

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Looking to upgrade to Logos 9? 

If you answered “Yes” or even “Maybe,” did you know you have another choice—which type of upgrade you want?  

To figure that out, keep reading. 

The scoop on feature upgrades

Feature upgrades boost the power of your Logos. They upgrade your software, not your library, so you:

  • Keep the books you currently have.
  • Add new features to the ones you already own. 

The scoop on complete upgrades

A complete upgrade is—you guessed it—when you pick up the newest Logos features and new books. So you’re not only upgrading your software. You’re not only keeping the features and books you already own. You’re also adding an impressive new wing to your Logos library. 

Why choose a feature upgrade?

Adding Logos 9 features gives you new or improved ways of learning from the dictionaries, commentaries, and other resources you own. 

Take the improved Factbook, for example, which makes almost any biblical or theological term easily searchable. Whether you’re looking for more detail about biblical people and places, background on significant historical events, or insight into a theological topic, Factbook will get you started by searching your resources and bringing you the most relevant results in seconds.

So feature upgrades are great options for you (1) if you’re happy with your library or (2) you’d like to expand your library but don’t have the budget right now—you can always add a Logos 9 library later. 

And because of Logos’ Dynamic Pricing, your feature upgrade price adjusts to account for what you already own. Log in to see your unique price.

Why choose a complete upgrade?

It boils down to these three reasons:

  1. You want to add to your library and features.
  2. You want to do it the most cost-effective way.
  3. You want to take advantage of the special Logos 9 launch discount (15% off complete upgrades).

More books

Your library powers your features, so if you want to make your Logos features dig deeper, you might want to add some books to your library. New Logos 9 libraries feature some great commentaries, sermon prep resources, and more.

More savings

In Logos, books are always more affordable when bundled (up to 90% off the cost of purchasing volumes individually), so buying whole libraries is the most cost-effective method.

Want help choosing?

If you’re on the fence about which route to take, you can choose either (or both) of these options:

  • Call our resource experts at 833-498-1980. They’ll talk with you about how you want to use Logos, then point you in the right direction.
  • Take this quiz. It asks a few questions to learn about your needs and preferences, then suggests a Logos 9 package to match.   

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Written by Logos Staff
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