Lessons from the Early Church: Hospitality and Unity

Dr. Joshua Jipp highlights some key insights from the book of Acts (0:10), and an animated look at John 1:1–5 (3:00).

Study Colossians with Dr. Jipp

In this course, Dr. Joshua Jipp takes you through each passage of Colossians, identifying important themes such as Christ’s work in creation and redemption, our union with Christ, and sanctification. You’ll learn from Paul how to pray God-centered prayers of thanksgiving and intercession. You’ll better understand the role that Christology plays in Paul’s argumentation and how that Christology can shape our identity each and every day.

Dr. Jipp also provides background information on the church in Colossae and describes the challenges the Colossians may have been facing. He examines the genre as well. You’ll learn what an epistle is, why someone like Paul would write one, and what you should be looking for as you read.

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