How Will You Get Ready for Easter?

Easter is just 10 days away, and your plans are probably in full swing. Whether it’s putting on a big Easter meal or an entire Easter service, there’s no question that this season can get bogged down with plans and preparations.

The death and resurrection of Jesus is the culminating event of Christianity, the climax of the story of God’s reconciliation with humanity. Imagine if Christians used the days preceding Easter to pause and reflect. How might their priorities shift? What plans and preoccupations would fade from their minds as their eyes fixed on the terrible, beautiful cross?

We’ve created 10 video reflections to help you do precisely that—to guide your thoughts and prepare your heart for the victory of Easter Sunday. We’ve also compiled a number of resources to supplement your spiritual meditations. As you journey toward the resurrection, here are three inspiring resources to guide your reflections.

Explore timeless wisdom on the Resurrection

40daystothecross-125It’s never too late to honor Lent—and we don’t just mean giving something up. With 40 Days to the Cross, you’ll reflect on the suffering, death, and resurrection of Christ with writings from Christianity’s most influential thinkers. From early church fathers, to medieval writers, to prominent pastors, this devotional will guide you through reading, reflection, and confession as you prepare your heart for Easter.

You’ll be guided through selections from the Psalms and the Gospel of Mark, alongside meditations from Augustine, John Chrysostom, Thomas Aquinas, Charles Spurgeon, and more. Each devotional ends with prayer prompts and reflection questions, including space to journal your own prayers, thoughts, and reflections. 40 Days to the Cross will help you contemplate Jesus’ death and resurrection—the very center of the Christian faith.

Delve into the Gospel of Luke

interpretation-bible-commentary-luke-125Luke’s Gospel provides the most complete account of Jesus’ life, ministry, death, and resurrection. And few resources delve so deeply or thoroughly—yet accessibly—into this gospel than Fred B. Craddock’s Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching Luke. Craddock uses the prologue of Luke to frame this commentary, highlighting the continuities between Jesus, his Jewish heritage, and the church after him.

Informed by not only the source text but by the Old Testament, the book of Acts, and other researcher’s perspectives, this resource is for any Christian serious about studying the Resurrection in context. Add this thorough exploration of Luke to your Easter study.

Be captivated by the Resurrection

resurrection-alister-mcgrath-125There’s no question that the Resurrection is the pivotal event in Christian history. What better way to ready yourself to celebrate Christ’s victory over sin and death than by ruminating on the Resurrection itself?

Alister McGrath’s conversion from Atheism to Christian is a powerful story, and a beautiful example of the transformative power of the Resurrection. In his book Resurrection, McGrath engages the mind and the imagination, carefully weaving poetry, prayer, theological reflection, and history’s most beloved works of art into a literary tapestry depicting the power of the Resurrection. Connect the Resurrection to personal transformation, and stand in awe of Christ’s resurrected power in your own life.

Get Alister McGrath’s Resurrection now.

Go deeper into the Gospels

studies-in-gospels-125The Resurrection is the climactic moment of God’s story, but it didn’t happen in a vacuum. Every step of his journey led to the cross, and ultimately his Resurrection. To truly grasp the significance of this earth-shattering event, we must plunge into the entire story of Christ’s life. One of our most popular and exhaustive Mobile Education bundles was designed to do exactly that.

The Studies in the Gospels bundle is a powerhouse of nine courses. You’ll get over 65 hours of seminary-level content, focusing on an expansive array including: Christ’s parables and miracles, gospels as literature, the cultural and historic context, and each of the four Gospels in enlightening detail.

This comprehensive collection will not only prepare you for Easter Sunday, it will deepen your relationship with the resurrected Savior. Start your Mobile Education now.


With all the preparations you’re making for Easter, don’t forget to prepare your heart as well. Our hand-picked resources can help guide your reflections, and it’s never too late to begin. Start your journey to the Resurrection today.



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