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Have You Read the Most Thumbed-Through, Thumbs-Upped Books?

In a poignant scene from a mid-90’s movie, a character is asked to select a favorite book from among a vast library. She responds rapturously, “I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the heavens!”

We know the feeling.

It would be near impossible for us to highlight just a handful of resources from our own library—so we let our users choose for us. We’re celebrating last year’s best-selling, most-read, and top-rated products as determined by the people who use our products everyday.

Top 5 most-read Bibles

At Faithlife, we envision a world where the global church is Biblically literate, and every Christian reads the Bible regularly and with integrity. We absolutely love it when people read the Bible, and last year five Bibles were the most read by our users. What do you think was the most read Bible of 2015? Hint: first published in 2001, this essentially literal translation relies on the 1971 RSV for its textual foundation.

Find out which Bible so many customers chose as their pathway to God’s Word.

Top 10 highest rated resources

Online shopping is more popular than ever, but some consumers still experience anxiety when purchasing items that can’t be seen or touched. Savvy consumers rely on user ratings and reviews when making purchases—they may not be able to try before they buy, but if a product has a great user rating, they can purchase with confidence.

Are these 10 resources already in your library? Find out if you’re reading the fan-favorites.


At Faithlife, we create and license content that excites us—Bibles and other resources that we want to read, and think others will enjoy too. But don’t stop at our recommendations. Take this opportunity to get the resources others are reading and raving about.

Browse the full list of 2015’s brightest stars and see what you’re missing.



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Written by Holly Marr