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14 Courses to Expand Your Knowledge of Christ

The Mobile Ed Christology Conference is happening now, and though it’s too late to join, you can still pick up the courses that serve as the backbone of the conference. Now through August 30, you can save 20% on 14 courses from the conference, including the courses below.

If this is your first experience with Logos Mobile Ed, we recommend starting with NT254 The Jesus of the Gospels with Mark L. Strauss. In this course, you’ll learn about key events in Jesus’ life while growing in your understanding of the background, setting, and structure of the Gospels.

From there, expand your knowledge of the Gospels with NT317 Book Study: The Gospel of Matthew with Craig S. Keener, NT318 Book Study: The Gospel of Mark in Its Roman Context with Craig A. Evans, and NT323 The Gospel of John with Joel Willitts. Each of these courses reveals the distinctiveness of the individual Gospels as well as how each Gospel fits within the whole Bible.

If you’d prefer to focus your studies on the Pauline Epistles or biblical prophecies, take a look at NT222 Introducing the Epistles and Revelation: Their Setting and Message with David A. Silva, NT276 Pauline Theology with Douglas J. Moo, or OT355 Isaiah: God’s Salvation for Israel and the Ends of the Earth with Eric J. Tully. As you study with these courses, you’ll begin to see how the entire Bible shows Jesus as the fulfillment of the law and the prophets.


Whether you’re continuing your theological education or just starting out, you can find more courses like these to help you dig into the doctrines of Jesus Christ. Get 20% off these courses while you can—this sale ends August 30!

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