Why This Logos 6 Customer Subscribes to Logos Cloud (and Maybe You Should Too)

Why One Logos 6 User Subscribes to Logos Cloud (And Maybe You Should Too)


When Faithlife set out 23 years ago, it’s mission was to serve the church by making the best Bible study resources accessible around the world.

That mission hasn’t changed.

Faithlife is now one step closer to fulfilling that mission. With the launch of Logos Cloud, powerful, affordable, subscription-based Bible study software is now more accessible to everyone who is serious about growing in God’s Word.

We built Logos Cloud with new users in mind—those who don’t currently own a Logos 6 base package—but we’ve found that some of our most loyal Logos power-users are finding value in Logos Cloud as well. 

One of those power-users is Nathan Parker.

Nathan is a full-time seminary student, pursuing his MDiv at Luther Rice Seminary and studying Greek and Hebrew. When he’s not busy studying, he does IT consulting through his company, Mallard Computer.

Devoted to the Word and committed to growing in his knowledge of Scripture, Nathan didn’t stop with his Logos 6 base package; he subscribes both to Logos Cloud and Logos Now. We sat down with him to learn why he relies on all three for his Bible study.

LogosTalk [LT]: What does a day in the life of Nathan Parker look like?​

Nathan Parker [NP]: My days are generally jam-packed busy! My day consists of answering email, texts, and the social media messages I receive from web design clients. During school, I listen to lectures, read textbooks, write papers, and study for exams in the course of my studies.

LT: What are your favorite things about Logos Cloud?

NP: The best part about Logos Cloud is that it provides me all the resources I need, (plus those I want, and then some) all at an affordable monthly subscription. Logos Cloud is ideal as an introduction to Logos Bible Software, and makes the ideal base package supplement by providing access to an ongoing collection of datasets, interactive tools, and rich media.

Logos Cloud allows me to stay on top of my personal Bible study, devotional, and prayer time, no matter what each day brings. Whether I am catching up on Greek vocabulary or reading a systematic theology, Logos keeps all my resources in sync, so that I can come right back to my reading no matter where I  left off.

Visual Copy has been one of my favorite features in Logos Cloud, allowing me to generate stunning Scripture artwork for websites and Facebook pages. It was also a lifesaver recently for a presentation I had to put together for seminary. I don’t know how I’ve lived this long without Visual Copy!

Finally, Logos Cloud gives me a wealth of research at my fingertips to tackle the most in-depth exegetical papers, discussion questions, and textbook reading. Logos offers both a quality personal Bible study and devotional time every day, as well as tools I need for seminary-level research.

See what Nathan’s talking about for yourself with this video.

LT: Why did you subscribe to Logos Cloud?
NP: I added up the cost to purchase all the resources I need and discovered that by subscribing to Logos Cloud Plus, I could access them at a super affordable monthly rate.

As a Logos 6 Platinum and Logos Now user, it was interesting to find out that I actually do benefit from a Logos Cloud subscription. While some users may think Logos Cloud is primarily ideal for new Logos customers, Logos Cloud can also heavily benefit seasoned Logos users as well. I highly recommend seasoned Logos users take a look at Logos Cloud as the ideal base package supplement.

I look forward to an ever-expanding library with Logos Cloud, eagerly waiting to see what new resources are added each month.

LT:What does your current Logos Cloud setup look like?
NP:I primarily use Logos on desktop, but from time to time I use my iOS devices for reading, personal devotions, and Bible study on-the-go.

I keep the home page hidden so that Logos fires up quickly each morning. When I’m knee deep in resources, I open the Library in a floating window or dock it as a tab.

In the shortcuts bar, I keep the NASB95 and KJV, as well as The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. My two most used Study Bibles follow closely behind, along with New Nave’s Topical Bible, shortcuts to Biblical Places, as well as the ability to Close All windows at once and Update Now command.

So that I have one-click access to Faithlife Groups, I have bookmarks to my local and online college libraries as well as Faithlife.com. I also tend to put each semester’s seminary textbooks on my shortcuts bar for one-click easy access.

LT: Anything else you’d like to tell us?

NP: If you’re new to Bible software and wondering if Logos Cloud is a right fit for you, give it a try today. You have nothing to lose with the free trial, and it won’t take you long to fall in love. Time and time again, Logos has proven to be essential to both my personal Bible study and seminary research.

Second, I would like to mention that Logos Cloud is the gateway to Logos Bible Software, but don’t just stop there with your studies. While Logos Cloud includes a wealth of resources, check out the thousands of books available for direct purchase at Logos.com and Vyrso.com to supplement your Logos Cloud subscription. Collections such as the Essential IVP Reference Collection and Butler’s Analytical Bible Expositor will prove to be valuable additions to your library.

For those unsure of which Logos Cloud subscription tier to begin with, I recommend starting with at least Logos Cloud Plus. It is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to dig into Biblical languages with the discourse Greek and Hebrew tools, as well as access to the Lexham Bible Guides, Evangelical Exegetical Commentary. It is the perfect entry point to discover all the richness Logos Cloud has to offer.

Seasoned Logos customers and Logos base package owners: if you haven’t given Logos Cloud a thorough look, I highly recommend you do. Even if you own Logos 6 Platinum or above like I do, Logos Cloud makes an ideal supplement, providing access to a wealth of premium resources and a dynamically expanding library. It truly is an amazing value.

Lastly, join Faithlife Groups’ Community Study Bible and Prayer Partners—two groups that I facilitate—as well as the Logos Cloud Group. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with other Logos users around the world.


With Logos Cloud, there are no contracts and no charge for your first month. You can cancel anytime. What are you waiting for? Start your free month today.

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Written by
Simon Villeneuve

Simon is an American family-man and businessman. He's married to his middle-school sweetheart and has four children, four-and-under.

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Written by Simon Villeneuve
Unlock curated libraries and Bible study tools for up to 30% off with your first Logos 10 package.
Unlock curated libraries and Bible study tools for up to 30% off with your first Logos 10 package.