Introducing Ashland Theological Seminary’s Graduate Diploma in New Testament with Faithlife

Mobile Ed and Ashland Theological Seminary have partnered together to offer a graduate diploma in New Testament. This unique distance learning program consists of five masters-level courses incorporating presentations by Ashland faculty, group discussions, webinars, course readings, and assessments, while also utilizing Mobile Ed courseware and the Logos Bible Software Gold base package. The program focuses on engaging the texts and contexts of Scripture, developing a solid foundation in New Testament studies, and encountering the words behind our English translations. Students will also have the opportunity to explore specific topics of interest by utilizing Mobile Ed and the Logos Bible Software Gold base package. Ashland Theological Seminary and Logos Mobile Ed are training students for ministry together.

Theological Education That Moves with Your Life
Ashland Seminary’s graduate diploma in New Testament with Faithlife is a unique and exciting opportunity for pastors, leaders, and students who are interested in pursuing higher education. The program allows students to study from home using the exciting and innovative Logos Bible Software and Mobile Ed’s new kind of theological education.

Begin Your Theological Education Today
Mobile Ed courseware will be available upon registration. The program begins on October 3, 2015 and goes through spring of 2017. Upon completion of the program , students will retain their Logos Bible Software Gold base package. Register to begin your theological education today!

Written by
Liz Melton
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Written by Liz Melton