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Systematic Theologies Collection (183 vols.)

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Get organized systematic theological use of any Bible verse from any Christian denomination or viewpoint. Logos presents what all of your systematic theologies say about any Bible passage you study. And with the Systematic Theologies Collection, you’ll have over 180 volumes of systematics across dozens of denominations and viewpoints, presenting a wide range of organized Christian belief rooted in the Bible. Theologians like Barth, Calvin, Aquinas, Dabney, and Pope present classic, well-grounded theological principles supported by Scripture. To boot, you’ll have first access to the new systematic theologies we’re producing, including H. Orton Wiley’s, John Brown of Haddington’s, Richard Watson’s, Emanuel Vogel Gerhart’s, and several others, as they are produced.

This collection works with the Systematic Theology Cross-References Dataset* to bring these resources to the Passage Guide. Study a passage, and the Systematic Theologies section reports where your systematic theologies refer to the verse, and further organizes them by denomination and category of systematic study. Whether the verse is used in section reporting soteriological beliefs or in the prolegomena, you’ll see before digging in. And with so many systematic theologies for Logos to search through, you’ll never miss a verses’ use in theological proof in any denomination.

Curious how these resources work in Logos? Watch the video below to see for yourself where you’ll be using them:

* Please note: This product does not contain the Systematic Theology Cross-References Dataset, which is available in the Logos Full Feature Set. See your custom upgrade price to get this exciting new feature!

Resource Experts
  • Exclusive access to systematics recently released, including H. Orton Wiley’s, Richard Watson’s, J. Oliver Buswell’s, and Emanuel Vogel Gerhart’s
  • The must-haves of classic systematics: Aquinas’ Summa Theologia, Calvin’s Institutes, Barth’s Church Dogmatics, and Francis Hall’s Dogmatic Theology
  • The most recent systematic introductions: Packer’s Concise Theology, Sproul’s Everyone’s a Theologian, James Leo Garrett Jr.’s Systematic Theology, Christos Yannaras’ Elements of Faith, and more
  • An essential library of comparative systematic theologies across dozens of viewpoints and denominations
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2 ratings

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  1. Vincent Chia

    Vincent Chia


  2. Troy Corfield

    Troy Corfield


  3. Kevin M. Shaw

    Kevin M. Shaw


    Chafer's Theology is a serious omission!!!
  4. Brian Maag

    Brian Maag


    It would be nice if you could get these like the Theological Journals library, in bite-sized chunks. I can pay $50-100 for a 12-15 book collection, but not $1300 all in one drop.
  5. Into Grace

    Into Grace


    There is some serious omissions in light of the price. I'll pass.
  6. David Leslie Bond
    I think perhaps Lewis Sperry Chafer was intended below... In any event, there are some curious omissions...
  7. Jonathan Ray

    Jonathan Ray


    Noticeably missing from this list are Millard Erickson, Francis Sperry Chafer, Wayne Grudem, Norman Geisler, William Shedd, and Francis Turretin. Any chance of seeing these in a similar collection in the future?
This product is not currently available to purchase.